5 Secrets to Prevent Overwhelm and Rid Your Home of Stress

Are you a mom, in the midst of overwhelm? Do you feel that you are so stressed out with your life that you feel like you can’t even enjoy life with your family?

As a mother of 6, I spent the first 12 years as a mother living in fear of people “dropping by” and too embarrassed to let the kids invite their friends over to our house. I was angry with myself, depressed and constantly berated myself with thoughts of “I’m such a messy person. Why can’t I do anything right? Why am I such a slob??”

Moms are often overwhelmed and stressed out, but they don’t have to be!

Because of that, I’m teaching a free webinar class:

The 5 Secrets to Prevent Overwhelm and Rid Your Home of Stress

In the webinar we will be covering:

  • How to find time to simplify so that clear surfaces become the norm
  • Shifting your thought process so that you are confident in your decisions
  • Asking the right questions so you will be decisive
  • Where to start working so that things get accomplished
  • And how to stay focused so you can see results

You are capable. You are strong. And you can have a joyful space to live in.

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Taking a step to simplify your life is not just a gift for your family, it’s a gift for yourself. And I hope that you will value yourself this week and make plans to join me in this FREE webinar.

I know you will come away from it inspired and ready to take action.

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