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Archive for February 2015

How Minimalism Can Put Money Into Your Pocket

Have you ever noticed the commercials were something is on sale and the person acts like they will lose money if they don’t buy it? Have you ever thought of the irony? How can we “save” a certain amount of money when we’re actually giving our money to someone else? It makes me think of…

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Minimalism: What Happens Post-Decluttering?

  Have you thought about what happens when a person is done decluttering? Decluttering take so much time and for most of us, we have to be at the point where we are obsessed with decluttering to accomplish what we wanted. And then you get to the point where you are satisfied with the amount…

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7 Secrets to Always Have a Tidy Home

  Do you know people that always seem to have their house in order? Even when you stop in unannounced their home is beautiful and nothing is out of place. I wasn’t always clean, in fact, I’m a recovering “messy”. And even though I felt like I cleaned all the time. When people just stopped by…

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