With the 30 Days to a Clean & Organized Home Course, you will be guided to simplify your home and develop a daily rhythm to keep it beautiful. Thousands of people have turned their home into a space of joy.


Month 1: Create a Clean & Organized Kitchen

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Month 2: Create a Clean & Organized Living Space

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Month 3: Create a Clean & Organized Family Space

Happy thoughts from 90 Days to a Clean & Organized Home

This is wonderful! I love reading about homekeeping, but this has seriously made everything so fun and easy. I have a vision that things are going to be a lot better if I keep on this path. Thank you Rachel, you have a true gift! ~Anon


I like the way this works on my thinking. Rachel Jones says that she used to be where we are at and that she knows many of the feelings we have about the clutter.

She provides a simple morning and evening ritual to help keep the kitchen tidy. Keeping it tidy helps stop me from being overwhelmed and ashamed. Then she gives assignments to work on one type kitchen item at a time and then we can check it off when we are finished and the way she's done it helps me have a good feeling of accomplishment.

Anyway, I know that when I'm done with this in 15 days, I'll feel better about decluttering the next room, which will probably be the living room. I love the positive way it's written and how it makes me feel, so I'm buying another copy for my daughter. ~ Donna Deming


Your encouragement keeps me motivated, posting [in the Facebook Community] keeps me accountable, and the challenges make it fun! Thanks!

Last night I came home with groceries, which I immediately put away because there was room in the fridge and pantry. The kitchen was spotless, no dishes in the sink or stuff on the counter. Everything was ready to get creative. I then proceeded to make supper, chili for the second day and Christmas presents. Now normally this would have meant that the kitchen would have been trashed for days, but before I headed out, everything was cleaned up, dishes washed, and the smell of goodies was wafting through the house.

The best thing about this is the kitchen still looks like it did when I arrived home from work yesterday!

~ Patti Kent

Is this your home:

  • Frequently messy
  • Sink full of dishes
  • Cluttered counters
  • Sticky floors
  • Overfull refrigerator
  • Expired food in the freezer
  • Drawers that won’t open (or close)
  • Various catch-alls
  • No place to put your feet up and relax
  • Table used for clutter, instead of eating
  • Too many cleaning supplies that didn’t really work
  • Cookbooks taking up valuable cupboard space
  • Full junk drawer/junk cupboard
  • Dusty knick Knacks that have seen better days
  • Abundant furniture that just holds piles of clutter

The Truth is, you are not alone.

Research by UCLA-affiliated social scientists concluding that American families are overwhelmed by clutter in their daily life.

Living in a cluttered home can create a subtle, constant, sense of stress. Anxiety over clutter affects your brain waves and interferes with your sleep, leaving you more fatigued, affecting your hormone levels, and increasing cortisol levels. Some researchers believe this can even lead to weight gain.


Clutter also drains us of our time

Those who live in cluttered homes spend more time looking for lost items such as keys, checkbook, bills, shoes, and the remote. The American Demographics Society reports that Americans as a whole waste 9 million hours per day searching for misplaced items, and 23 percent of adults say they pay bills late, with penalties, because they lose them.

When clutter takes over, the home, (which should be a hiatus from daily anxieties) can become a large contributor to our overall stress levels.

But there is a solution.


Here's how this course may solve all of your home chaos and clutter issues

When your life is super busy with long hours at work and/or family activities, it makes all the difference to have a plan for the days. Your week will go more smoothly if you start every Monday with a clean, clear home, a stocked pantry, and refrigerator. Your days off will be more enjoyable if you don’t have areas full of clutter, dishes waiting to be done, and a mountain of laundry.

But now imagine for a moment:

  • Wanting to cook just so you can spend time in the kitchen.
  • Counters clear of items and ready for any task you have.
  • A fridge where food is easy to find.
  • A beautifully organized pantry.
  • A table that is ready for a family meal.
  • A living room that is welcoming to any guest, even when someone just pops in.
  • An organized family room.
  • A calm and rejuvenating master bedroom.
  • Free space in your closets.

How much would this be worth to you? Now suppose you could follow simple routines, do a small task every day, follow the time-tested advice and then discover your kitchen, your home, and your life changing. Sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t if you have the right advice, implement the right routines and follow through with the decluttering tasks each day. You see, routines are key. What you do on a daily basis affects your home. Complete the right tasks, and your home will feel as if it’s cleaning itself. Avoid cleaning routines and you will feel as if you are suffocating in clutter. Think about it. But first…

Rachel smiling

Why should you listen to me?

I'm Rachel Jones, the Joyful Space Specialist 

Besides being a 41-year-old mom with 6 kids, living in an 1132 sq. ft home for the last 16 years, I've helped 698 families simplify their own homes through my video courses.

I've spent 10 years of my life and countless hours of trial and error to finally figure out how to make the permanent switch to minimalism.

For the past 6 years, it has been my joy to be able to share my methods with others and see their lives completely change.

I took all of these experiences and created the most comprehensive walkthrough for simplifying, developing new habits, and shifting to a new lifestyle. 

I help families like yours gain the tools, wisdom, resources, and support to live joyfully through minimalism.

This revolutionary course reveals what you MUST do in your daily activity and give you the ability to transform your home and your life —step-by-step! I’ve turned to the proven routines and methods that my husband and I used to get rid of thousands of pounds of stuff. I’ve distilled the essential facts that you need to know down into an easy practical course that will help anyone turn the tide on all manner of clutter problems. What you’ll find revealed in this one-of-a-kind course are all the simple, time-tested tasks and routines to know in order to turn a chaotic mess into a glorious clear space. So whether you’re looking for a way to:

  • Dramatically reduce the amount of clutter in your living spaces
  • Discover how to complete daily routines and cement them into habits
  • Or simply searching for a way to maintain a clean clear home

You will find the ’90 Days to a Clean and Organized Home’ will help get you there without the overwhelming feeling when you look at the big picture. Literally, in 3 months, you could be experiencing the benefits of a minimalist home.

90 Days to a Clean & Organized Home (Online course based on the 30 Day Guide PDFs)
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30-Day-coming soon

90 Days
to a Clean & Organized Home

$297.00 147.00
  • Bundled set of 3!
  • Easily Learn Daily Habits
  • One Task per Day
  • ➡ Kitchen
  • ➡ Living Spaces
  • ➡ Family Spaces

30 Days
to a Clean & Organized Kitchen

$99.00 67.00
  • 30 Days in the Kitchen
  • Easily Learn Daily Habits
  • One Task per Day
  • Work Category by Category

30 Days
to a Clean & Organized Living Space

$99.00 67.00
  • 30 Days in the Main Living Spaces
  • Easily Learn Daily Habits
  • One Task per Day
  • ➡ Living Room
  • ➡ Main Bedroom
  • ➡ Main Bathroom

30 Days
to a Clean & Organized Family Space

$99.00 67.00
  • 30 Days in the Family Spaces
  • Easily Learn Daily Habits
  • One Task per Day
  • ➡ Family Room
  • ➡ Guest Room
  • ➡ Children's Rooms
  • ➡ Misc. Spaces