5 Signs That You Should Embrace Minimalism

5 Signs That You Should Embrace Minimalism

Guest post from Oskar Nowik, author of Growthzer.com.

The minimalism movement is growing in popularity while more and more people seek for a way out of the world of oppressive excess. If you’re asking yourself whether you should become a minimalist, this article will show you a few signs that will help you make the right decision.

Without further ado, let’s get to the first signal.

You’re overwhelmed with your possessions

There’s no doubt that the plethora of stuff is highly distractive and overwhelming. I tested out both scenarios, working in a cluttered room and in a minimalistic space and the latter is a real game-changer. Even if the room full of stuff is well-organized, each item keeps fighting for your attention.

When the possessions overwhelm you, it’s easy to get into the trap of organizing, storing and rearranging over and over again while the actual solution is to remove the clutter from your life. You’ll feel attached at first, but that’s just a fictional feeling, just another excuse. With each unnecessary item you get rid of, the sense of attachment will gradually fade away.

The inevitable consequence of decluttering is more space to breathe, relax, think and create. [Tweet it!]

You lose mind when it comes to buying new stuff

I know how it feels to gather tons of needless stuff and have no idea why you actually did it. What I realized as I removed plenty of souvenirs, CDs, games, clothes and stuff of various type is that oftentimes we act under the influence of a great deal instead of asking ourselves whether we need it or not.

To clarify, I don’t encourage you to watch strictly each dime you spend, but some sort of control is welcomed. Usually, you end up feeling the need that’s been artificially created by the advertisers. A year ago before the product was released, you wouldn’t even come up with an idea of using such a thing.

Minimalism helps you realize how much of your money goes wasted to get things you don’t need (and that’s just one among the valuable lessons I learned from becoming a minimalist). The fact is, in order to afford them, you need to work more. So not only will you misuse your finances but also lose your time which you’ll never get back.

The overabundance of commitments sucks up your precious time

If you don’t protect your time, nobody will. The point is not about being an arrogant, but just a good manager of the most precious resource you have. Without the time, you won’t be able to enjoy all the other great things.

When it comes to commitments, taking the minimalistic route is a perfect way to clear your schedule and make more space for things that truly matter to you. Opt out from all the unnecessary activities so you can actually participate in a few that make the difference in your life.

Give yourself too many tasks to accomplish and you’re likely to end up not touching any of them. If you’re stressed and tired, cutting out the superfluous burden is the best way to reclaim the clarity so you can see the direction you’re heading.

You want to begin a new chapter in your life

Sometimes, you want to forget the past and start afresh. You look for a new stimulus that’ll let a different stream of energy flow into your life. Embracing minimalism makes you look from another perspective at the world around you. You’ll notice more things and become immune to certain urges that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to keep a tight rein on.

Fewer possessions and obligations give you more freedom so you can cut loose from the obstacles of the past. As you get more space and time for new experiences, it’s easier to embrace your creative and adventurous side. Let the fresh stream of energy lead you in a new direction.

You look for ways to save money

If someone says money doesn’t matter he’s either a liar or a fool. Money does matter a lot and it’s not the cash itself that’s important but the access to experiences it gives you. Money means freedom.

Keeping your finances under control isn’t easy in the world full of advertisement and extra offers you struggle to say no to. But as you embrace the minimalistic approach to life, saving money becomes easier and more natural. You just buy less redundant stuff.


Oskar Nowik runs a self-improvement blog, Growthzer.com where he helps people create a more fulfilling life. Click here to get a free copy of his recent book: “In Control: 5 Weeks To Stronger Self-Discipline”.

About the author, Rachel

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  1. Laura J. Tong on 11/04/2015 at 6:58 AM

    A great set of reasons to embrace this, thanks Oskar. I love how you show the realization points you can reach as well as the benefits.

    • Oskar Nowik on 11/04/2015 at 6:52 PM

      You’re welcome Laura, thank you for your comment!

  2. Jess on 11/04/2015 at 11:34 PM

    Excellent post! I think #3 is a critical point – so many people are overwhelmed and over-busy due to the number of commitments they “own”. It’s a wonderful place to start with simplifying, but often harder than letting go of physical possessions.

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