Beauty of 5 Ingredients

I have thumbed through gorgeous recipe books and felt inspired….

…and then looked at the list of ingredients and felt overwhelmed.

Either there were so many steps or it was calling for a long list of ingredients, many of which I had never heard of before.

That’s intimidating.

So, I set out to make it simple.

We can still feed our family delicious beautiful meals that are not only nourishing to the body and soul, but also keeping our cooking time and energy to a minimum.

By limiting the ingredient list to 5 or less, we automatically cut down the amount of steps we have to take and the time we are spending.

Now to be completely honest, one won’t be able to find a recipe for Exotic Mushroom Pâté or Pumpkin and Pecan Semifreddo with Caramel Sauce. 

But since you are here on a minimalism blog, I’m going to take a wild guess that you’ve already decided to simplify your life in some, if not all areas.

All these simple foods are delicious! 

When one eats simple wholesome foods, the convenience foods taste overdone and unpleasant. One can actually enjoy a bowl of summer fruit without needed it to be smothered in marshmallow fluff and sugary syrup.

And we’re not giving up eating amazing gourmet dishes.

The beauty of minimalism is that we save time and money and if we wish to spend a calm evening with someone special and the extra money on a fabulous gourmet restaurant dinner, well, go for it.

Click here for my 5 ingredient recipe index.


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