Materialism: Stealing Our Wealth

Materialism Stealing Our Wealth

In our current culture, wealth is defined by the amount of things that we have, the house we live in, car we drive, furniture we sit on, and what type of birthday parties we have for our children.

But really, what is wealth? What does it mean to ‘be successful’?

We need to change our definition of wealth. Wealth should not mean our possessions. Rather, it should mean that we have the ability to help others with our time and our resources. It should mean we are not a slave to our mortgages and credit card companies, thus, being a slave to our job. It should mean we have freedom to be transparent with those around us, not needing to appear a certain way.

I’m not against buying things. But, I am against buying many unnecessary things. I’m not against having things. But, I am against having many unnecessary things.

There is a big difference.

When we shop for a hobby, or stress relief, or just because “that’s what we’re supposed to do”. We end up falling for all the clever gizmos that are supposed to make our lives easier/better/happier/successful.

Instead of shopping this month, find other things to do:

Go for a walk. Call a friend. Plan a coffee date with someone. Go on a picnic. Play a board game with family or friends. Write poetry or in your journal.

If you do this for a month, it will be the beginning of new habits. Instead of spending money to feel good, you will start doing beneficial things to feel good. Beneficial to your emotions and your pocketbook!


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