Book Review: Natural Cocktails


I have to admit I was beyond excited when Kendahl came out with her new ebook:
Real Cocktails: Classic and Contemporary Drinks for the Real Foodie.
I would order a sangria or mudslide and knew they had to be filled with high fructose corn syrup and food coloring, as well as many other things I never touch, but what choice did I have? Right?
Real Cocktails, Classic and Contemporary Mixed Drinks for the Real Foodie

I didn’t know anything about making my own and it seemed like such a daunting task. But I got this kindle book and am so impressed with how easy it is to have natural ingredients in cocktails!

The pictures are fabulous and I love how detailed it is.

Irish Cream
Kendahl included plenty of non-alcoholic recipes, including cola, lemonade, chocolate syrup and even tabasco sauce! My kids are super excited to try the lacto-fermented root beer.

As a minimalist, you do not have to go purchase new glassware and bar tools. Every recipe I have made so far has been with what I have on hand.

And she has a kindle version- so it doesn’t have to clutter up my counters!

The kindle version is less than $1.00!


If you enjoy cocktails, but want to keep to real food ingredients, then Real Cocktails is a must-have for you!


Aromatic Bitters

Her classic cocktails are quite simple and easy to follow- she even has a two-ingredient section.
And I love love love! her section on bitters and can’t wait to experiment with my own creations, now that she wReal Cocktails, Classic and Contemporary Mixed Drinks for the Real Foodiealked me through making the first batches.
Real Cocktails includes over 165 recipes for cocktails, garnishes and even sides to serve during your holiday cocktail party!
A big plus for me, is that even my non-real-food friends are excited to experiment with these recipes!

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