Clothes you love, easy to coordinate, in a closet that makes you smile.

Do you have a closet full of clothes, but NOTHING to wear?

Do you feel frustrated with the state of your closet?

When you think about your wardrobe, do you feel annoyance, overwhelm, hopelessness?

Are you overwhelmed with laundry?

Do you want to have a minimalist wardrobe, but have no idea where to start?


You can create a minimalist wardrobe from clothes you already have!

And your closet can be simplified.

Your minimal wardrobe is already there - it's just hiding behind all the clothes you don't need, wear or love.

Introducing: The Clarified Closet

A mini-course to help you simplify your closet and create a minimal wardrobe from what you currently have.

the clarified closet
  • How to determine your clothing needs so that you can easily decide what stays and what goes.
  • Picking out your wardrobe so that it coordinates easily.
  • How to decide what accessories to keep so you can feel fabulous.
  • What to do with the excess so that you feel good about what you let go of.
  • How to organize your closet so that it's easy for you to use.
  • What to do with off-season clothing so that switching seasons is a simple process.
  • How to shop sustainably so that you feel good about your consumer habits.


So what does a clarified closet look like?

➡ YOU deciding you are DONE dreading the closet and ready to embrace simplicity with your clothing.

➡ YOU following the plan, determining your needs, picking out what you LOVE, and letting go of the excess.

➡ YOU loving your closet

Yes, it IS that easy.

clarified closet (1)
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Hi, I'm Rachel!

Rachel (1) (1)

My closet used to be so full I had to use my shoulder to push the clothes to one side so I could hang up clean clothes.

And I never had anything to wear.

I would pull things out, try them on, not like the combo and toss them on the "clothes chair" in the bedroom.

And the laundry room was bad too.

I had to climb on top of my pile of dirty laundry to start a load.

And I had a laundry couch. Say what? Yes... my living room couch housed all my clean laundry.

I hated folding and putting it away- it seemed easier just to leave it there and push it aside to watch TV.

My friend, if that sounds familiar, I want you to know that it doesn't have to be that way.

There is so much room in my closet now, I easily fit mine and my husband's clothes in it. All the clothes! The dresser is in the closet now too, which means I can shut the door and when you're in our bedroom, all that you see is furniture.

Like a hotel.

Isn't that lovely?

And it can be your reality too!

What you're going to get:

Step 1: Determining your needs, finding the motivation to deal with clothes, paying attention to your likes, dislikes, and what clothes serve you best.

Step 2: Picking out your wardrobe, figuring out what coordinates, what fits well, and finding the minimalist wardrobe that you already have in your closet.

Step 3: Deciding what accessories light you up, what works with the outfits you've chosen, and what is definitely YOU.

Step 4: Sorting out the under-things. What you need, what you can let go of.

Step 5: What to do with the excess. Should these items be donated, sold, trashed, or recycled? What about sentimental clothing?

Step 6: How to organize your closet, the best way to set it up, how to store off-season clothes, how many "grubby" clothes you should keep for DIY projects.

Bonus Lesson #1: All about shopping! How to shop sustainably, shopping sales, planning out core pieces.

Bonus Lesson #2: Laundry! My laundry system and how to follow a plan to make your life easier.

The clarified closet is for you if:

  • You know you have your favorite items, but you need the motivation and direction to eliminate the excess.
  • You are DONE with excuses and are completely ready to simplify your closet and reduce your wardrobe.
  • You're not striving for the perfect capsule wardrobe, instead, you want a functional amount of clothing that you feel good in.
  • You are A-OK with the idea of only keeping a handful of sentimental clothing items.

*This is a self-study course and you can go through it at your convenience.*

What Comes in the Clarified Closet

Membership site with videos to walk you through the process

Tasks go better with pep-talks! I didn't want to face my closet either. The idea of trying everything on. UGH! And it was SO MUCH! I got you though - I have a video for each step to help guide you through everything you want to do.

PDF journal and checklists

When we decide to simplify, we need to make sure that we keep the things we actually need, use, and love. And it's easier to do that when we take time out and think about it first. I have a full set of questions to help you figure out what YOUR goals for a clarified closet are and how it will benefit YOU.

*This is a self-study course you can go through it at your convenience and have lifetime access to.*

This is a self-study program that you can go through at your convenience and you will have lifetime access to the materials.

Within 5 minutes of your purchase, you will receive an order confirmation email, a welcome email, and an email from the membership site.

If you do not receive the welcome email:

  1. Check your spam/junk mail folder.
  2. Reply to the order confirmation email and let me know.