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Are you ready for a CLEAN SLATE?

Group Training + Accountability Challenge.

It's more than possible to start each day with a Clean Slate Kitchen.

It's also more than possible for it to happen with ease and simplicity.

That sounds like a big promise, but I know it can happen because I did it.

The required catalyst?

YOU maintain a morning and evening routine consistently.

It truly doesn't need to be any harder than that.

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Introducing the Clean Slate Kitchen Challenge.

Part training, part accountability challenge, the Clean Slate Kitchen Challenge is created to help you create massive momentum and start each day with a "clean slate kitchen" in just 29 days.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is simple: maintain a morning and evening routine every day for 29 days.

You’ll not only have training on exactly how to do this, but you’ll also have my support and accountability to make SURE you’re doing it - the whole way through. ❤️

up for the challenge

As a mom of 6, ages 6 - 23, I know what a job it is to maintain the kitchen.

I know that the home can be overwhelming when we really just want a nice place to unwind and enjoy being with our family.

I was there. Overwhelmed, tired, depressed, grumpy with myself, my husband and my kids.

I blamed my home... the clutter.

Until I finally started changing my DAILY HABITS.

I committed to change - and I haven’t looked back since.

My home finally turned around. Instead of controlling me, I was in control of my home!

And I want that for you too.


This can be the month that changes everything for you.

This can be the turning point you’ve been hoping and waiting for. You just need to be willing to show up.

In the Clean Slate Kitchen You Will:

  • Create a morning and evening routine that YOU can complete easily- 15 minutes or less to get it ALL done.
  • Finally start being INTENTIONAL with your morning and evenings to make YOUR life easier.
  • Get over the fears (It's going to take me all day!), stories (I don't have time!) and limiting beliefs (I'm just a messy person...) that are preventing you from creating the home you've been longing for.
  • Build momentum, create one room that is streamlined and easy to use, so you find the motivation to simplify the rest of your home.
  • Start your day confidently and happy, because you know the kitchen is clean and ready to make your life easier.
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How this is going to work:

As soon as you register you will receive access to the membership site.

This will include all the information you need to get started.

The Facebook Group is open and ready to welcome everyone in.

I (Rachel) will be live in the group to welcome everyone and share helpful tips as you get started.

❤️ Each week we will have a giveaway for one Norwex travel-size enviro cloth- this is the cloth that CLEANS THE BACTERIA- so awesome - you're going to LOVE IT!

❤️ At the end of the month, everyone that has participated through the month will be entered to win a 3-piece set of Norwex products valued at $55!

The challenge itself officially kicks off Saturday, February 1st and for 29 days you’ll be encouraged to show up and complete a morning and evening routine. You’ll be held accountable with daily check-ins and will have the support of other members as you’ll all be encouraged to support each other

So what's included?

Membership Site

All the live videos, PDF printable and information will be accessible through a membership site. You'll be able to go back and watch the live videos anytime you need.

Daily Accountability

When we kick off the challenge Saturday, February 1, an accountability thread will be posted EVERY MORNING and EVENING to make sure you're SHOWING UP and doing the things. This is the push you need to take action and to DO what you know you need to do in order to get the results you want.

Habit Tracker

If you love checking off boxes as you work (it's like a mini-reward each time you finish a task, right?) you can use the habit tracker to stay on-task.

Engagement Threads

As a live group program, I want you to have the opportunity to support, and be supported by, other members. I'll be posting threads and checking in to see how it's going and you can share with other members your struggles and successes.

Private Facebook Group

As soon as you register you'll have access to the private, members-only Facebook group. I'll be active in the group Monday-Friday, where you can tag me, ask me questions, I will support you with anything you need.

Live Training

I'll be on the Facebook Group once a week talking about how to keep consistent, how to stay focused and shifting your thoughts so maintaining the home doesn't seem like such a drain.

Your investment:

*** PLEASE NOTE: ***

Once you purchase, you will get an email to log in to the member site. All the live feeds will be saved in the membership site, but the majority of the challenge will take place in the private Facebook Group.

The giveaway rules: To be entered into the giveaway you will need to participate each day and share a photo of your empty sink (dishes done), for accountability.