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Clothing Challenge Month Week 1

For the month of September we are doing a clothing challenge. Read the rules and goals here.

First week of the clothing challenge is done! Here is what my closet looks like:

12 hangers are turned to the correct way. 3 skirts, 3 pants, 6 shirts.

One shirt had to be thrown away, since I completely stained it while working on a project. Yeah, probably should have used my paint shirt for that…

I have realized that even though I have pared down considerably over the last 5 years, I still have a large amount of clothes that don’t get worn. I’m looking forward to the end of the month and having more open space in my closet!

I wanted to talk a bit about the “not having anything to wear” syndrome…

You know, when you walk into the closet and the clothes are packed in like sardines… just randomly placed- long sleeve, short sleeve, tanks and sweaters all jumbled together. 20 years ago they were lucky they made it on a hanger and weren’t piled on the laundry basket. Yes, I have a sad cluttered past, I mentioned something the other day about that.

I remember the feeling, standing before the overstuffed closet: What am I going to wear?!

Honestly, nothing fit quite right. I was a bit of a penny pincher and with clothes, well, penny pinching just doesn’t help you save money where clothes are concerned.

Once the cheaper clothes are washed they either start falling apart or they shrink oddly and have bulges in places that you actually don’t have bulges and they seem to accentuate the bulges that you were trying to keep concealed.

So, yes, I had a fair amount of clothes with nothing to wear because they all looked horrible.

Just get rid of those!

Even if it takes you down to 5 shirts, it’s ok. Just wash clothes and wear them again. People really don’t notice. And anyone that does notice that, isn’t the type of person you want to spend time with. Trust me on this one.

One of my super trendy friends admitted her secret: She found a brand that fits her well and any time she needs something new, she gets online, and has it sent right to her door.

I want good quality and I’m willing to pay for it.

It means that when I stand in my closet with 20 items, I have 20 things to choose from… they all fit and I know they look flattering, so I am more confident.

It also means you don’t keep grungy clothes. I’m not talking about the paint shirt you keep around for when you work around the house.

Yes, I paint that often! Due to the fact that our house is 130 years old and we’re remodeling…

If you dress in clothes that make you feel confident, you will get more accomplished during the day.

If you wouldn’t go to the store, out to eat or have your employer to see you in them, perhaps you shouldn’t even have them in your closet.

Ditch the sweats! Put on clothes that make you feel good.

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