Clothing Challenge Month Week 3

Three weeks down, one to go!

For the month of September, we have been doing a clothing challenge. Read the rules and goals here.

Here is what my closet looks like:

28 hangers turned the correct way. 19 shirts, 3 skirts, 5 pants, 1 short

I’m estimating that I actually wear 1/2 of what I own. That will change next week!! I’m so excited!

By this point, we all have a good idea of what we wear regularly and also what we never wear.

As you go through this last week, I want you to evaluate the colors you wear/feel good in and which items you continue to fall back on.

As you see how your wardrobe is going to decrease, think about the items that you truly want to keep.

A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to wear it 5 different ways: the shirt should go with a skirt, slacks, jeans, under a jacket and with a scarf.

The point of this exercise is not to limit the amount of clothing you have. If you want to live with only 20 or 30 items, by all means, go for it! But the point I want to help you get to, is that you are satisfied with your closet. That does mean that you have to remove the clothes that are burdensome: the skinny clothes, the guilt clothes, the beautiful, but never going to wear again clothes.

Being a minimalist isn’t necessarily about having very little. It’s about being content. 

This is going to look different for each person, as we all have different life styles. If you live in a moderate climate, you will be able to get by with less in your wardrobe.

For those of us with 4 very distinct seasons, we’ll need to keep more variety. And though you only wear your snow boots 4 weeks total in the year, it’s still a good thing to keep.

If you have clothes just for a particular activity (such as camping), put them in a box with your hiking shoes, label it and set it on top shelf in your closet. It’s easy to get to and doesn’t have to take up space on the hangers or in a dresser.

Be thinking through this over the next week as we come to the close of our challenge.

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