Decluttering Inspiration. A List of Articles.

When I first started my decluttering journey, back in 2001, and then more earnestly in 2008, (when I decided to live minimalistically,) I needed inspiration. I remember working for a time and then being annoyed with all the work. I would hop online and browse clutter busting blogs and forums. Then I would attack another area of clutter with renewed gusto.
This went on for years. Until one day, I looked around and finally felt like I had actually gotten rid of it all! I don’t have to set aside days to declutter anymore, though, it is still an on-going process. With 8 people in our family and 1100 sq. ft. of living space, I have to continually evaluate and toss things that find their way in. So I still enjoy declutter inspiring articles. So here are some great ones. Many of the sites are wonderful blogs that I read regularly, so be sure to browse a bit and then come back and tell me what inspired you!

Decluttering Inspiration. A List of Articles:

Are you new to this blog? Here are a few popular decluttering articles from Nourishing Minimalism:


Decluttering Inspiration. A List of Articles.


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