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Decluttering Sentimental Items With The Help Of Emotional Processing

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Decluttering is an emotional process.

Everything we keep has a reason, either we keep it out of fear – the “I may need this” or “I don’t have enough money to replace it” mentality, or maybe we keep things out of guilt: “my best friend gave me this, I should keep it.” And we even keep things because we want to portray ourselves a certain way.

When we declutter, we have to face those feelings and most of the time, decluttering is very emotionally exhausting. When you learn how to process those emotions, you have the tools you need to declutter effectively.

You will still feel those feelings, but you’ll be able to work through them and really determine for yourself if they are true and many times come to the point where you can let things go and not be overwhelmed by remorse.

We need the tools to process our emotions. 

When we were given items, the giver or the previous owner did not want those items to be a burden to you. You can still honor the giver and love them, and not have to have all those items in your possession.

I recently did a webinar with Van Hagestad, which you can view here:



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Van Hagestad


Van and I teamed up and created a video mini-course to shed light on why these items are so difficult to get rid of, and how to work through any thoughts and feelings that come up through your decluttering process.

Van has personally guided so many through difficult times in their lives, find peace and understand reasons behind certain actions and I am confident that anyone who takes time to listen to this process will benefit greatly in all areas of their lives.

Rachel Jones4

Rachel Jones


Course Materials:

Lesson 1: Items From Lost Relationships

  • People who have passed on.
  • Unsafe relationships.

Lesson 2: Items From Current Relationships

  • Over-gifting family members
  • Children’s artwork
  • How to be present with the gift-giver

Lesson 3: Memorabilia From Personal Past

  • School projects
  • Collage papers & memorabilia
  • Trophies, awards, etc.

Lesson 4: The Decluttering Process

  • How-to mechanics

PDFs included:

  • Category Checklist
  • Decluttering knick knacks
  • Decluttering School papers
  • Decluttering Family Heirlooms
  • Decluttering Holiday Decor
  • Decluttering Unfinished Projects
  • Decluttering Family Photographs


If you have boxes of items in the basement, garage, or attic and want freedom from those sentimental items, but just aren’t sure how to go about that… this course will give you that answer.

*Please note. This course is now only available in Practical Simplicity:


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This is a mini video course, when you purchase, you will be emailed with registration information, and then have access to all the videos immediately, as well as access the rest of the decluttering courses in Practical Simplicity.


About the author, Rachel

Hi there! I’m Rachel Jones, and I founded Nourishing Minimalism in 2012 at the beginning of my minimalist journey. If you're looking for encouragement in your journey, I go live in my FREE Facebook Groups every weekday- feel free to join me there: Nourishing Minimalism Facebook Group


  1. Theclutteredminimalist on 04/19/2015 at 2:12 PM

    Once I purchase the course, how long do I have access to the materials and videos? Thanks

    • Rachel on 04/20/2015 at 4:25 PM

      At least 6 months. I haven’t figured out how to create an expiration date yet. 😉

  2. Sarah on 04/22/2015 at 5:56 PM

    Hi there, I’m excited to read your course but disappointed there’s not a section on children’s toys! Please help! Many thanks

  3. Elizabeth on 04/24/2015 at 5:08 AM

    Hi, I bought the course, but where do I find it? Will I receive it as a download, or do I need to get it from your site? Thanks!

    • Rachel on 04/24/2015 at 12:49 PM

      Hi Elizabeth, a link to create a username and password should have been sent to your paypal email address. If it’s not there, you can check your promotional folder and your spam folder. Once you create a username and password, it will take you the web address and you can access all the lessons. Please email me if you have any issues:

  4. Vicki Hodges on 01/04/2018 at 12:21 AM

    I was wondering if there’s a transcript of the video? thanks!

    • Rachel Jones on 01/04/2018 at 7:48 PM

      No, I’m sorry, no transcript.

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