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Free Menu Planning Printable

Free Menu Planning Printable

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Having meals planned out for the week is key to serving well rounded and nourishing meals.

For many, it means the difference between boxed mac & cheese or a delicious homemade chili.

I sit down every Sunday night, write out the menu plan for the week, do my grocery shopping and the weeks runs much more smoothly. Once you have a routine of writing down your menu for the week, it doesn’t take much time to do it, but it saves several hours of wondering what to cook for dinner and being annoyed that the family wants to eat. Again.

I like to have a list of meals the family enjoys and that I know are easy for me to throw together. I look at that list when I plan out my week; planning chili or roast of days when I know I will be home all afternoon while the stove is on. I also pick busy nights to cook dinners that they very little prep and cooking time, or choose to serve leftovers on those nights.

When I write down the first dinner, I think through the ingredients and write down any on the grocery list that I am in need of. I like to take my menu plan and grocery list to the store with me so it keeps me focused and curbs those impulse purchases. If I choose any recipes with fresh fruit, I put them at the beginning of the week so the fruit is enjoyed at it’s freshest.

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