Free Party Planner Printable

Free Party Planning Printable 1
I’ve planned quite a few events, many for our church and many family gatherings. With 35+ in our immediate family (I’m the middle of 10 siblings), so our family gatherings require some organization. Even if it’s just knowing who is bringing what for food.
I’ve put together a party planning printable for you to organize your next get together.
Keeping track of everything makes any event go smoother. Print this out, staple it together and keep it where it can easily be accessed, always keep it in the same place. I often keep mine in my purse or my “inbox” in the kitchen, as those are places it will get used.
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For large events or planned parties mark out your tasks on your calendar:

Event Planning Schedule:

4 Weeks Before Event:
Plan menu
Invite guests
Plan icebreakers
Make a checklist for any major jobs that need to be completed before event. (decluttering project, renting supplies, etc.)
1 Week Before:
Write out shopping list
3 Days Before:
Clean house
Shop for any paper products/pantry items
1 Day Before:
Shop for fruit/veggie ingredients
Arrange furniture/decorations
Prep any food that can be made ahead
Day Of:
Lay out your event clothes
Make any food that needs to be made today
Arrange table and seating
Get out serving dishes
Do dishes and clean counters
Get dressed
Greet guests

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