Getting Your Decluttering Goals Accomplished

Getting Your Decluttering Goals Accomplished
This year I have been learning about the “power of positive thinking.”
It’s always been one of those things that I sort of roll my eyes at, say “I AM a positive person” and move on.
But, this year, I’ve been learning about habits, changing habits and changing all the “I shoulds” into “I’m doing it.”
Decluttering is one of those things that is often met with overwhelming feelings. We don’t know where to start and just the idea of starting is exhausting. There is so much to do! It’s so much so that we forget how to chunk things down into doable tasks and focus on something that we can accomplish.
And then the negative thoughts jump in and sabotage any sort of motivation we had.
You know those thoughts:
“I don’t have time for this.”
“I’ll never make it.”
“I can’t get rid of anything.”
“Why bother, the house won’t look any different tomorrow.”
The interesting thing is, it’s actually those thoughts that are stopping us. If we can change those thoughts, we can accomplish whatever we set out to do. Positive thinking is the key to any kind of achievement.
If you want your home decluttered, it has to start inside you and with your thoughts.
Close your eyes for a moment and imagine your home the way you want it to be. Walk through each room, enjoy the peace you feel with clear countertops. Imagine yourself sitting with a cup of cocoa and a good book in your clean clear space. Once you have emotionally attached yourself to those feelings, determine to get there.
Each time a negative thought comes into your mind, beat it down by repeating a positive thought several times.
For example when you hear “_____ said you would always be messy.” Repeat to yourself “I am a clean person. I declutter a little bit every day and my home is clean and tidy.”
Next step: determine to do something.

  • Find someone to emulate. Do what they do. Most clean and organized people have daily routines that they often don’t even realize they do. Spend a day with someone who lives the way you want to. Watch how cleaning and decluttering is built into their typical routine (they do the dishes after each meal, they sort the mail and toss the junk as soon as they come in the house, etc).
  • If you need a walk through, invest in a book that tells you want to do each day and what area to declutter.
  • Set up a reward for yourself. When you get the living room decluttered, schedule a spa day or something else that you would thoroughly enjoy.
  • Get excited about the changes you are making. Think about them. Realize that you are doing it. Each time you do something it gets you closer to your goal.

You are strong and capable. Your home will get decluttered.
Give yourself plenty of time. Declutter something small each day. Remind yourself that you are accomplishing what you want.
Every single little step makes a difference.
You can do this.
You are doing this.
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