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Do you long to celebrate Christmas with intention?

It's easy to get caught up in the busyness of the holidays.

To be swept away with all the beliefs of "we need to do this and this and this!" 

But like the Grinch says "Maybe Christmas, doesn't come from a store..."

And you know it doesn't!

And you don't want your Christmas to feel that way any longer!

We're the ones that have to change the consumerism of the season.

But how do we do that? What would Christmas look like then? How are the extended family members going to respond??

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Introducing Intentional Christmas

Purposeful exercises, part action, part journaling, Intentional Christmas will help you address each of those questions.

Shift from an overly-busy, stress-inducing consumer-based Christmas to a slow, relationship-focused intentional holiday season.

Here are 4 core lessons with workbooks and exercises to help YOU determine what Christmas should look like for your family.

From how to talk to family, to what decorations and traditions need to go, stay, or begin in your family. You and your family can recreate the holiday season and find joy in the slow, calm times, and simple pleasures.


As a mom of 6, ages 6 - 24, I have struggled to be present with my family.

Coming from humble beginnings, I never wanted my children to feel left out, even when they only got a $20 gift under the tree.

So I turned to busyness- we had Christmas parties, joined the choir, were in children's plays, and did ALL THE THINGS.

But Christmas was stressful. It wasn't anticipated, it was dreaded! And my time was spent rushing the family from one thing to another trying to fit everything in and make it seem like we had it perfect.

With each child born, I learned (the hard way) that I had to let go of more commitments and obligations.

Sure, I wanted to make sure my children didn't "miss out" but I was a frazzled crazy mess of a mom and I found that THAT does not make for a pleasant Christmas for anyone.

"If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."


As I started cutting superfluous things from our holiday season, I found we all enjoyed the season more and more.

Now, many kids and many years later, we have learned what traditions our family thrives with and what traditions we have left in the past.


This year's Christmas can be a joyful experiance

In the Intentional Christmas You Will:

  • How to plan your holiday season, so that you can feel in control.
  • Decide what traditions your family loves so you can enjoy the time you spend together.
  • Set expectations so that everyone is on the same page and you can relax, knowing that all the needs will be met.
  • Learn what tasks can be left out so that you have more free time to enjoy.
  • How to communicate with family - spouse, littles, teens, grandparents so you don't have to stress about "what they're planning."
  • How to handle the influx of stuff so you don't feel overwhelmed with gifts.
  • How to let go of perfection so you can enjoy being present.
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How this is going to work:

As soon as you register you will receive access to the membership site that includes videos, workbooks, and PDFs to help you become intentional with your Christmas season.

So what's included?

Lesson One

How to plan your month, determine where you've been spending your time, and how you want that to be different this year. Sort through traditions with your family and decide which ones you love and want to continue. Set aside time to spend together, and what that time will look like (will it be unplugged, out of town, crafting, or cooking? Knowing what's expected helps everyone show up and be present. Determine what chores you will do, how to delegate the extras, and plan a season you will all enjoy.

Lesson Two

Communicating with the Fam. Yes, we all know it's important, but sit-down serious talks are uncomfortable, aren't they? How to have a family meeting, what it looks like, and most of all- how to keep it from being awkward. Talking with your spouse, talking to the little ones, and getting the teens on the same page is a big deal and will make your life easier.  We'll also address how to talk to extended family, what to do when they don't respect your wishes for a simplified Christmas and when it's important to set boundaries.

Lesson Three

How to determine what gift-giving should look like, what your budget will be- exchanges, family gifts, and giving to those in need. When and how to do the wrapping, the exchanges, and sticking with your plan. How to handle the influx of stuff, dealing with excess gifts, and not getting caught up in the consumerism that tends to overtake the holiday. How to maintain a clean home so that you can enjoy the season and not stress about all the things.

Lesson Four

Dealing with perfectionism and fantasy-self during the entire holiday season. Finding ways to cut corners on the unimportant so that you can focus on the important and be present with your family. Setting yourself up for success, and what tools can help you. Recognizing what expectations you have for yourself and learning to be calm, slow down, and take notice of the pleasant experiences.

Your investment:

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