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Kickin' Kitchen Challenge

4 weeks to a totally kickin' kitchen

A 4-week challenge to streamline your kitchen and make home management easy-breezy-lemon-squeezy.

Let's be real for a moment. Running a home is a lot of work. The job, the kids, the homeschooling, whatever it is you do full time, doesn't leave you any time to be a neat-freak and have a Pinterest-worthy kitchen, does it?

And even though we love our family and are thankful we have kids, the amount of dishes they create makes us resent the fact that they need to be fed 3 times a day. (Ha! What a joke- if we're LUCKY it's only 3 times a day, am I right?!)

Well my friend, I have a solution for you.

It's a 2-fold system.

#1: Create routines that take you from having to decide to clean the kitchen to doing all the things without even thinking about it. Which means, it feels like it takes care of itself!

#2: Get rid of 75% of the stuff.

Sure, we all KNOW that's what we need to do. But DOING it is a whole 'nother ball game.

I was drowning in clutter, depressed, embarrassed of my home and overwhelmed with taking care of 5 kids.

Today, as a mom of 6, I can look back on that time of my life and appreciate the way minimalism has improved my home, my life and my attitude.


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  • How to evaluate what you need and what you don't. Specific questions to ask yourself, and how to decide the number of items per category so it makes sense for your home and family needs.
  • 28 easy tasks, already planned out for you, so there is no need to think and decide what to work on each day. No thinking, only doing.
  • Tasks are easy enough that if you have to do them all on the weekend, it's perfectly feasible. There is no need to feel behind or worry about keeping up with everyone if a family illness takes over.
  • Tasks are given in "drip" format, meaning they have to be done in order and can't all be completed the first day. We're building habits and in the process of changing our lives. Taking a full 4 weeks, means you are more intentional about your process and have greater success in keeping your kitchen minimal.
  • Organization tips are given along the way to help you understand the flow of your home and where to keep the kitchen items to make working in your kitchen the easiest for you and your family.
  • The kitchen is the heart of the home. Once it's streamlined everything else seems to fall into place. You come away with a clear understanding and appreciation for this simplifying work you are doing.
  • From meal-prepping and cooking to tidying up before bed, streamlining your kitchen will make your life SO MUCH EASIER.
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If you follow the steps and do the work each day, you WILL have a streamlined kitchen within 4 weeks.

28 Specific Video Lessons

Starting Sunday November 24 you will receive the daily tasks for that week. The task should take between 30-45 minutes depending on your home and clutter situation. (Some people may struggle with piles of paper in the kitchen, while others may have an extensive cocktail glass selection. Because of that, some tasks may take 5 minutes and others may take a full hour.)


This will be a group course and everyone will be going through it together. We'll have a private Facebook group, where Rachel will interact and everyone can post accomplishments and gain encouragement for those times of struggle.

Worksheets & Printables

For each section of the course, there is a worksheet to help you stay on task. If checklists and worksheets help you stay focused then it's perfect! But the worksheets are not required- you can simply follow the video and complete the task.

Completed by December 21!

I know how hard it is to stay focused on just one room of the house. We decide to simplify and we see ALL THE THINGS EVERYWHERE. So when we start working it's a little here, a little there, after 3 hours we're exhausted and the house actually looks worse than when we started.

This is where a challenge comes in. 4 weeks of focus. ONLY one area. THERE WILL BE RESULTS.

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