Minimalist Mindset Journaling Prompts

7 Audios

Each day you will get an audio file walking you through the journaling exercise of the day. Only a couple of minutes long, but packed with helpful information to get your thoughts flowing.

7 Printables

A workbook to go along with your journaling prompts, so you can reference it quickly when needing to remember your minimalist goals.

7 Days

Commit to spending 5 - 10 minutes for 7 days and you will love the light-bulb moments of discovering what was holding you back and learning to let go.

We become what we think about

Thoughts and beliefs direct our actions. When we BELIEVE it will happen we will take action to MAKE it happen.

Learn to change your thoughts from "I don't have time" or "I'm just a messy person" to "I have enough time to do what I need to" and "I am a clean and organized person!"

Let go of regrets

We all have a past. It's going to impact us. Learn to let go, forgive and move on with your life and home.

It's always nice to be acknowledged for the work we do, but instead of working on things to get that acknowledgment, find what you need to do to do the work for yourself.