Our Minimal Christmas 2014: Gifts for the Children

Minimal Christmas Gifts for the Children 2014
I plan out gifts most of the time. All year I look for things the kids are interested in and keep it in mind for special occasions.
We do one gift and stockings. I don’t put a whole lot of items in the stockings, and I try to keep them all consumable. You can read about what I typically put in their stockings here.
This year the younger ones (boy and girl) are getting nice analog watches for Christmas. They have been learning how to tell time and in order to really get a good grasp on reading analog, I know they need to use it regularly.

The older boys were given pocket watches for their birthdays and have been so pleased with them. We got some fairly inexpensive ones, still seeing how long they last, but the boys wear them all the time, the verdict is still out, but, so far, so good.
We have 3 very different personalities, so we have 3 very different watches: classic for Luke, steampunk for Jesse & a dragon one for Stephen.
If you want to instill contentment in your children

  • Talk to them. Tell them what to expect for amount of gifts, amounts of activities and what traditions will take place.
  • Lead by example, find the joy in simple things, talk about how you are excited, enjoy and look forward to simple traditions that your family has.
  • Pay attention to your children, to their interests and their specific love language. And if you do that, cutting back on all the excess won’t be such a shock, because their personal love language will be met and their “love tank” will be full.

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  1. Cara on November 18, 2014 at 11:54 pm

    So true! My kids don’t get big gifts from me, they occasionally get big flashy ones from others though. Know what ones they use/enjoy/play with every day? The little ones that had a lot of thought that went into them 🙂

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