Practical Simplicity FAQ



“Is the Practical Simplicity Course right for me??”


The Practical Simplicity Course is for you if:

1. You would rather listen to instructions. We all have different learning styles, and if you do better when you can work on the task while you hear me (and see my face 😎) give the instructions, this course is for you.

2. You thrive on accountability. There is something so powerful about having people who are on the same journey, who are encouraging you and asking you how it’s going. I can’t even put into words how transformative this is. 💕💕💕

3. You need motivation, inspiration, and encouragement regularly. 💃🏻 Sometimes it’s easy to buy a book and then put it up on the shelf. But when you see emails each week with new videos and notification on your Facebook with other course participants getting things done, it’s motivation to keep going.

4. You enjoy the Facebook live feeds and interacting with me on Facebook. I love talking with all my readers and helping as many as possible, but with 34,023 subscribers and 51,839 Facebook followers, I can’t possibly stay on top of everything. But, I make it a point to be in the Private Facebook group that comes with the course, several times a week. I also have live streams planned out over the first 10 weeks.


Who is the Practical Simplicity course not for?

1. Someone whose home is already clean, organized and minimal. You can’t fix what ain’t broken, right?! 😂 Good job on getting your home in order!! ❤️

2. The complete DIY personality and you don’t need help to get the job done. If you like making your own plan or you’ve already purchased my book set and you know you can follow through easily, then there is no need to purchase the video course.

3. If videos are annoying to you. 😳 🙄 While the videos are typically only 5-10 minutes long, if it grates on your every nerve to watch videos or listen to instructions, this course is not for you.

📌 Important info: The course only open twice a year! 

Click here if you KNOW this course is for YOU and you are READY to create a home FULL of JOYFUL SPACES!

I know how things come up in life, kids get sick, parents need help, we have vacations planned – and the course will still be there when you are ready to pick it up again! When you buy the Practical Simplicity course you get LIFETIME access. That means that as long as I have a blog on the internet, you will have access to this course.

 ⭐️ To go through at your convenience. ⭐️ 

My goal is to help you on your journey. 

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