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Practical Simplicity

A 10-week course to simplify your entire home


If you've struggled with the idea that you can't simplify, don't have the time or energy to declutter stuff, I want you to know that you can do this! The first step we take is changing that mindset. You need to believe it's possible so you take the steps needed to make it happen.

Quick Tasks

I respect your time and know that very few of us have much of it to give. Which is why the course is laid out in small tasks that take 15-30 minutes to complete, making it easy for you to fit it in.


Investing in yourself and having accountability is the best way to get the results you want. If you’ve been longing for a streamlined home and you want to have that before the holidays start- then you need to join this course.

Do you want to enjoy the evening with your kids, instead of just dealing with their toys?

Stress. Overwhelm. Nagging. Irritability. All the stuff and all the feelings that come with the stuff is depressing, isn't it?

Oh, my friend, I want more for you. Your days and nights don't have to be survived.

You can gain control of your home and enjoy the time spent there.

This course will guide you through each step of through the process of simplifying and keep you on task.

Join us and transform your home into a joyful space.



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Why This Course?

This revolutionary system reveals what you MUST do in your daily activity and give you the ability to transform your home and your life —step-by-step! I’ve distilled the essential facts that you need to know down into an easy practical format that will help anyone turn the tide on all manner of clutter problems. What you’ll find revealed in this one-of-a-kind system are all the simple, time-tested tasks and routines to know in order to turn a chaotic mess into a joyful clear space.

How much would a clean, clear, peaceful home mean to you?

Suppose you could follow simple routines, do a small task every day, follow the time-tested advice and then discover your kitchen, your home, and your life changing.

Sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t if you have the right advice, implement the right routines and follow through with the decluttering tasks each day. What you do on a daily basis affects your home. Complete the right tasks, and your home will feel as if it’s cleaning itself.

Why Rachel?

Besides being a 42-year-old mom with 6 kids, living in an 1132 sq. ft home for the last 16 years, I've helped 698 families simplify their own homes through my video courses.

I've spent 10 years of my life and countless hours of trial and error to finally figure out how to make the permanent switch to minimalism.

For the past 6 years, it has been my joy to be able to share my methods with others and see their lives completely change.

I took all of these experiences and created the most comprehensive walkthrough for simplifying, developing new habits, and shifting to a new lifestyle.

I help families like yours gain the tools, wisdom, resources, and support to live joyfully through minimalism.

Rachel (1)

"This is an awesome course! Rachel Jones leads you step by step. If you are decluttering and aren't sure you are making progress, this course addresses the underlying issues you are facing. With very doable daily course assignments, Rachel's encouragement and the participants Facebook group support, I found a good basis to continue this journey towards my goal of minimalism. Go for it and improve your life free of clutter!"

~Kathleen Kocunik


Frequently Asked Questions

Week 1 - Shifting Mindset (the most important work of all!)

We are going to go into detail on how to change the negative thoughts that come into your mind. You will learn how to believe in yourself, to look at the past and get clarity about your decluttering, how to change your future and find the motivation you need that will carry you through the entire process. We’re going to go into detail about setting goals and how to get your goals

Weeks 2-5 - Kitchen

We will work through the kitchen. I’m going to walk you, step-by-step, category by category, and by the end of that month, your kitchen is going to be a welcoming sanctuary that you will enjoy being in when you need to prepare a meal. Your clean and organized kitchen is going to set an incredible foundation and you will see just how possible it is to declutter to the extent you want to.

Weeks 6 & 7 - Living & Dining Rooms

The living room and dining room. I know that you want to be able to relax in your living room and use your dining room for family meals. I have laid it all out for you to make big strides every day in this space. By the end of the week, you will love sitting down in your living room with a glass of wine and visiting with your family in a beautiful calming space.

online-decluttering-course-2Weeks 8 & 9 - Bedroom

This is where you are going to address your personal space. I’m going to talk you through each section of your room, from the dresser tops and decorations to the clothes in your closet. You are going to create a serene and welcoming space for you to retreat to at the end of every day.

Week 10 - Bathroom

We’re going to dive into the bathroom, sort through the medicine cabinet, jewelry, vanity, toiletries, decor, and linens. Your bathroom is going to be so clean and peaceful, you will want to have a long, quiet soak in your tub just so you can admire your work.

What you will create:3 Tricks to Keeping the Counters Decluttered and Clean

  • A full set of cleaning routines so you find yourself effortlessly keeping your home tidy
  • A clean & organized living area that your entire family will enjoy being in
  • A joyful space that welcomes you and inspires you to live with purpose


What you ps-course-graphicwill get:

  • The complete Practical Simplicity Course
  • A new set of videos each week, for 10 weeks
  • 100% online access
  • 70 training videos
  • 100 + PDF worksheets, checklists, and guides
  • Members Only private Facebook group


You’ll also receive these bonuses!

BONUS #1 Helping Children Declutter Their Own Space

When our children see us making changes like this in the home, they are eager to jump in and make the same amazing changes in their own space; therefore, I have 6 videos directed to children to get them establishing routines and decluttering their space. They will be able to enjoy a clean, clear environment that fosters imagination and creativity.

BONUS #2 A Craft Room Walkthrough

A craft room workbook that you can download and work through at your own pace. It gives step-by-step instructions and all the questions you need to ask yourself as you sort, declutter and reorganize your crafting space.

office-3d-coverBONUS #3 The Home Office

This is a pretty big deal for most people, as papers and filing seem to take up so much mental space! This walkthrough is planned out for 4 weeks to go step-by-step through the office, all the questions to ask yourself, what papers to keep and even how to organize the office closet space and desk.