The Productivity Pack (2)

Are you ready to manage your time like a boss?

These days (Stay at home orders here for COVID-19) days drag on, motivation is lacking and keeping track of the kid's school tasks is an overwhelming job.

Working from home isn't easy. We can't make summer plans, which makes the days seem endless and depressing.

You want to accomplish things while you're home, you want to declutter parts of the house, prove that you can work from home and complete the needed tasks, and it would be great if the kids were occupied without a screen now and then...

You WANT to feel in control of your time, even with uncertainty. Having some structure to the days gives differentiation and means all the work is completed and fun times can happen.

Blocking out time for things and doing focused work, you CAN gain control over your time.


The Productivity Pack (2)

Printables to help you manage your time like a boss!

  • Do you wait to do your projects because there is no time frame, so what's the point?
  • Do you procrastinate on tasks, allowing your mind to talk you out of it?
  • The truth is, when we set times and make ourselves focus, we get A LOT accomplished.
  • When we take action on those little things, the ripple effect is motivation to and the good feeling of progress.

What The Productivity Pack includes:

work from home plan expample

Work From Home Plan

Listing the 3 most important tasks at the top, then 4 focused sprints, (following the Pomodoro method) to get those important tasks completed, plus space for to-do's and notes.

time blocking example

Time Blocking Schedule

Time blocking is the easiest way I have found to manage my days. I assign blocks of time to different activities. This means I have a visual of how my day will play out, from mealtimes, home reset (routines), what times are reserved for school and what times are reserved for the parent to work. Being clear on what's expected helps avoid conflict.

monthly overview

Monthly Overview

Having something to look forward to helps us so much! Anticipating something energizes us and helps us get through tough times. We may not be able to plan a trip to Disneyland in May, but we definitely make fun plans for our family to anticipate. Whether it's a holiday BBQ, building a treehouse, planning a movie marathon weekend or going for a Sunday drive. Anticipating something fun helps our attitude.

Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 10.22.56 AM

Roll-the-Dice Activity Game

This PDF is completely editable. If you want to write in your own activities, from chores to school activities- use it how you wish! The game comes with pre-written activities like "build a lego tree," "play hangman" and "wash the car." But there is another page of suggested activities for various ages.

Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 10.23.25 AM

14-Day Gratitude Journal

Double-sided printable, print the booklet, fold it together, staple and you're ready! Along with an audio recording of how to practice gratitude, to walk you through the exercise and get the most out of your gratitude journal.

project example

Project Worksheet

To outline projects you want to complete, whether it's a slide presentation or a decluttering task, outlining the steps needed to take, the supplies, the start, and finish date are all helpful to keep us focused, as well as not being overwhelmed trying to manage the steps in our mind.

weekly school outline example

Weekly School Outline

During quarantine, I needed a place to see all the kids zoom meetings and what tasks were due and when. Self-pacing is hard for my kids and there was stress from overworking. Having it outlined helped me keep them on task as well as prevent them from overworking.

video of productivity pack

Video Walk-Through

The live video I did on the Facebook group, walking through each one of the printables and how I use them.

21 Days of Intention day 4

21 Days of Intention Day 4

This audio clip is all about how to express gratitude in a way that benefits, we don't want to simply list "I'm breathing & I have food to eat." Though it's true we can be very thankful for those things, to help our mental state, we need to shift our mind from enduring the drudgery to pausing and truly appreciating things in our lives, even the simple things. 💕

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