Simplify the Holidays

Eliminate the stress and rediscover joy in the season.

Normally $197, but this week ONLY you can get the full course for $47!

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We've all been there... noticing the people that are able to smile, anticipating the holidays with joy in their hearts, while you are facing them with tight a chest as you imagine the x-mas to-do list opening up and rolling across the floor like a full roll of toilet paper.

Does the idea of the holiday coming seem like too much as you find yourself irritated at everyone else in the house and knee deep in toys, laundry, and junk mail?

What if, INSTEAD, you could face the coming holidays with confidence and excitement.

I'M COMMITING TO HAVING A CALM HOLIDAY SEASON (where the mom is enjoying herself along with the rest of the family) -AND I WANT YOU TO JOIN ME.

  • How to let go of holiday tasks that cause stress and prioritize the holiday traditions that you love.
  •  How to deal with grandparents over-gifting to your kids.
  • Downloadable menu plans to streamline your time in the kitchen.
  • How to say "No" to invites and obligations in a way that is kind and gracious.
  • How to decorate your home in a way that is calm and the idea of putting decor away doesn't cause anxiety.
  • How to sort and declutter the kids toys so the influx of new things doesn't feel chaotic.
  • How to keep up with the housework without being overwhelmed and exhausted.
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3 weeks of menu plans, including grocery lists, gift ideas and how to sort children's toys.

9 Video Lessons

Upon registering, you'll receive 9 video lessons from me containing motivation, inspiration on how to simplify each area of the holidays- from traditions to talking to family members about gifts.

Worksheets & Printables

For each section of the course, there is a worksheet to help you brainstorm and plan with your family - from expectations and budgets to menus and delegating.

PDF e-book

Simplify the Holidays ebook is included if you enjoy reading and highlighting points to remember.

Love for Simplify the Holidays

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Roselle White

Pure and Simple. This is not just for busy Mom's, it's for anyone who tends to live in a space and a way that is more 'cluster- fruited' than is will allow space for serenity in daily life- and not just for the holidays.


Cole Rose

Your course helped me to organize the usual chaos of the holiday season... But more than that... 

This course helped me to "prune" the activities and events of the season, and through this work, I found the festivals, ceremonies, and activities that are most meaningful to my children and myself!

I also really appreciated the tips on communicating with the family... It was great to have help in finding the right words.