The Chore Jar

Over the years we’ve implemented many chore rotation plans. The kids have had more and more responsibility as they have gotten older, but between the ages of 5 to 10, the chore jar was the best!

The method:

  • 3 kids
  • 1 “jar chore” each day
  • 6 days of chores (Sunday off)
  • =18 chores
Each day the kids did their set daily chores. After their set chores, they pulled out one piece of paper from the “To Do” jar, it had a chore listed, they did the chore and then placed the paper into the “Completed” jar.

Set daily chores:

  • Wash dishes
  • Dry/put away dishes
  • Fold laundry
  • Do one jar chore

18 chores in the chore jar:

  1. Clean bathroom counter
  2. clean bathroom sink
  3. Swish toilet
  4. Wipe down toilet
  5. Sweep bathroom
  6. Scrub bathtub
  7. Clean bathroom sink
  8. Clean kitchen sink
  9. Sweep kitchen
  10. Wipe down highchair
  11. Wipe off stove
  12. Dust living room
  13. Vacuum
  14. Throw away 10 things
  15. Put away 25 things
  16. Straighten dresser
  17. Straighten closet
  18. Clean the toddler’s room
You can use either pieces of paper, or Popsicle sticks with the chores written on them.
The plus side:
Parents aren’t the bad guys! If someone pulls the “swish toilet” chore, they can’t be mad at mom for telling them to clean the toilet.

Don’t color code the chores. Kids are smart; if they dislike one chore, they will pay close attention to anything that makes that paper or Popsicle stick unique and avoid touching that chore at all costs.
Also, you may have to tell them that they cannot look through the jar to pick a more favorable chore. If you pull it, you complete it.


About the author, Rachel

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  1. Deb on 02/25/2017 at 11:59 PM

    This is GREAt, I’ve just been thinking about how to get a chore routine down. Can you talk more about dishes? is this before school, after school? before dinner? after dinner? Whenever you instruct? all of the above?

    • Rachel on 03/02/2017 at 1:38 PM

      My husband or I take care of breakfast and lunch dishes, but one of the kids has to do the dinner dishes. I find it much easier to maintain if we do it after each meal.

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