Top Posts From Nourishing Minimalism in 2014

Top Posts From Nourishing Minimalism in 2014

2014 has been such a wonderful year, and such an amazing year of growth for this blog.

I’ve just spent the morning reading emails from my newsletter subscribers and I have been blessed with such wonderful readers! What a wonderful group of friends I have made through this blog, and I want to thank you. You are the reason I’m here and I am truly enjoying every bit of it.

In 2014 this blog has grown from 22,289 visitors each month to 226,633

The most exciting month was during the middle of summer when over a million people visited over July and August.

And I’m grateful for every single one of you!

Want to know what articles everyone was reading this year? Here are the top 10:

  1. 18 Non-Toy Gifts for Children 1,738,086 people were striving to avoid the toy induced chaos that plagues our culture during birthdays and holidays. I can’t blame them- as a mother of 6, I’ve had my share of toy battles. The kids don’t want them, the parents don’t want them… why is there still so much?! All the gift giving articles were read a considerable amount this year, the Children‘s post was followed by Toddlers, Clutter Free Gifts for Women, Expectant Parents, Teens, Men, and Grandparents.
  2. Tour My Minimalist Kitchen was a hit! I know for me personally, I love touring the homes of others. Particularly when I was in the midst of my serious decluttering, I needed motivation and always found it in pictures.
  3. 11 Ways to Get Friends and Family On Board With the Limited Gifts Idea Much of the excess in our lives comes from those who love us. They don’t intend for it to be a burden, they do love us and want to bless us with gifts, but in our materialistic culture, we are pushed to give big and give a lot.
  4. DIY Peppermint Lip Balm This is such a simple DIY project and I love the result. Lip balm that really moisturizes and leaves our lips feeling good and smelling delicious! It’s wonderful for homemade gifts as well!
  5. 2014 in 2014 Decluttering Challenge I had 1064 people join up before I lost count. 2015 is on track to be even bigger! It’s not even 2015 yet and 645 people have joined up! Click here to read about the 2015 in 2015 Decluttering Challenge and get your free chart!
  6. Household Must-Haves that Really Aren’t This one was controversial. Though, I admit that I have some of the items on the list, I do know that I don’t need to have them. 😉
  7. 101 Simple Sack Lunches for the Busy Family I enjoy variety, so I like to “mix it up” a bit. (I did find though that my teenagers would rather just make a PB&J because it takes less work…)
  8. I Got Rid of the Toys It’s been a 1.5 years since I first packed all the toys up and stuck them out in the garage. I still don’t regret it and the kids never did ask for them back.
  9. Christian Faith and Minimalism My faith is a journey, my minimalist living is a journey, and they go hand in hand.
  10. 7 Reasons to Live a Minimalist Lifestyle Do you need some incentive to live more minimally? You should read these 7 reasons.


The Top 10 Recipes for 2014:

  1. Grinch Kabobs
  2. Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer
  3. Lacto-Fermented Kimchi
  4. Homemade Hashbrowns
  5. Peanut Butter Bites
  6. Real Food Candy Canes
  7. Hot Buttered Coffee
  8. Raspberry Semifreddo
  9. Super Easy Lentil Chili
  10. Dairy Free Caramel Apples


A few of my favorite articles from this year:

  1. The “5 Why’s” to Disconnect from Sentimental Attachment
  2. Let Go of Guilt and Find Contentment
  3. How Minimalism Helps Bring the Family Closer Together
  4. Large Family Survival: Love, Logic, and Wine
  5. What Minimalism Means: Be All There


Thank you again to you, my wonderful readers. I’m looking forward to an exciting 2015!



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