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Simplify your home and turn it into a Joyful Space

Practical Simplicity 10 Week Video Course

10-Week Video Course w/ private FB Group

$497 or payment plan
  • 10 Weeks of Video Talks, Worksheets & Charts
  • Daily Tasks, video & chart
  • Instant Access
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Interactive Comments on the Course Site
  • eBooks: 28 Day Office & Craft Room
  • BONUS COURSES: Kid's Room
  • Private Facebook Group Coaching with Rachel

Do you find that the majority of your time is spent managing things around the house instead of actually enjoying your children and spending time together?

Have you asked grandparents to take the kids for a week, just so you could clean the house (Only for it to be in the same state again 2 weeks later…)?


Is this your home:

  • Frequently messy
  • Sink full of dishes
  • Cluttered counters
  • Sticky floors
  • Overfull refrigerator
  • Expired food in the freezer
  • Drawers that won’t open (or close)
  • Various catch-alls
  • No place to put your feet up and relax
  • Table used for clutter, instead of eating
  • Too many cleaning supplies that didn’t really work
  • Cookbooks taking up valuable cupboard space
  • Full junk drawer/junk cupboard
  • Dusty knick Knacks that have seen better days
  • Abundant furniture that just holds piles of clutter


Truth is, you’re not alone. New research by UCLA-affiliated social scientists concluding that American families are overwhelmed by clutter in their daily life.

Living in a cluttered home can create a subtle, constant, sense of stress. Anxiety over clutter affects your brain waves and interferes with your sleep, leaving you more fatigued, affecting your hormone levels, and increasing cortisol levels. Some researchers believe this can even lead to weight gain.

Clutter also drains us of our time. Those who live in cluttered homes spend more time looking for lost items such as keys, checkbook, bills, shoes, and the remote. The American Demographics Society reports that Americans as a whole waste 9 million hours per day searching for misplaced items, and 23 percent of adults say they pay bills late, with penalties, because they lose them.

When clutter takes over, the home, (which should be a hiatus from daily anxieties) can become a large contributor to our overall stress levels.

But there IS a solution.

Here’s How the Joyful Space System May Solve All of Your Home Chaos and Clutter Issues

When your life is super busy with long hours at work and/or family activities, it makes all the difference to have a plan for the days. Your week will go more smoothly if you start every Monday with a clean, clear home, a stocked pantry, and refrigerator. Your days off will be more enjoyable if you don’t have areas full of clutter, dishes waiting to be done, and a mountain of laundry.

But now imagine for a moment:

  • Wanting to cook just so you can spend time in the kitchen.
  • Counters clear of items and ready for any task you have.
  • A fridge where food is easy to find.
  • A beautifully organized pantry.
  • A table that is ready for a family meal.
  • A living room that is welcoming to any guest, even when someone just pops in.
  • An organized family room.
  • A calm and rejuvenating master bedroom.
  • Free space in your closets.

How much would this be worth to you? Now suppose you could follow simple routines, do a small task every day, follow the time-tested advice and then discover your kitchen, your home, and your life changing. Sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t if you have the right advice, implement the right routines and follow through with the decluttering tasks each day. You see, routines are key. What you do on a daily basis affects your home. Complete the right tasks, and your home will feel as if it’s cleaning itself. Avoid cleaning routines and you will feel as if you are suffocating in clutter. Think about it. But first…

Why should you listen to me?

I'm Rachel Jones, the Joyful Space Specialist 

Besides being a 41-year-old mom with 6 kids, living in an 1132 sq. ft home for the last 16 years, I've helped 698 families simplify their own homes through my video courses.

I've spent 10 years of my life and countless hours of trial and error to finally figure out how to make the permanent switch to minimalism.

For the past 6 years, it has been my joy to be able to share my methods with others and see their lives completely change.

I took all of these experiences and created the most comprehensive walkthrough for simplifying, developing new habits, and shifting to a new lifestyle. 

I help families like yours gain the tools, wisdom, resources, and support to live joyfully through minimalism.

Rachel smiling circle
Rachel - joyful space 3



This revolutionary system reveals what you MUST do in your daily activity and give you the ability to transform your home and your life —step-by-step! I’ve turned to the proven routines and methods that my husband and I used to get rid of thousands of pounds of stuff. I’ve distilled the essential facts that you need to know down into an easy practical format that will help anyone turn the tide on all manner of clutter problems. What you’ll find revealed in this one-of-a-kind system are all the simple, time-tested tasks and routines to know in order to turn a chaotic mess into a glorious clear space.

So whether you’re looking for a way to:

  • Dramatically reduce the amount of clutter in your living spaces
  • Discover how to complete daily routines and cement them into habits
  • Or simply searching for a way to maintain a clean clear home

You will find the ’Joyful Space System’ will help get you there without the overwhelming feeling when you look at the big picture. Literally, in a month, you could be experiencing the benefits of a minimalist home.

Simplify your home and turn it into a Joyful Space

Practical Simplicity 10 Week Video Course

10-Week Video Course w/ private FB Group

$497 or payment plan
  • 10 Weeks of Video Talks, Worksheets & Charts
  • Daily Tasks, video & chart
  • Instant Access
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Interactive Comments on the Course Site
  • eBooks: 28 Day Office & Craft Room
  • BONUS COURSES: Kid's Room
  • Private Facebook Group Coaching with Rachel

10-Week Video Course

The Practical Simplicity video course is more in-depth, with specific instructions per category, broken down into a timeline to be very thorough and cement the minimalist mindset and intentional habits.

Week 1 - Shifting Mindset (the most important work of all!)

We are going to go into detail on how to change the negative thoughts that come into your mind. You will learn how to believe in yourself, to look at the past and get clarity about your decluttering, how to change your future and find the motivation you need that will carry you through the entire process. We’re going to go into detail about setting goals and how to get your goals

Weeks 2-5 - Kitchen

We will work through the kitchen. I’m going to walk you, step-by-step, category by category, and by the end of that month, your kitchen is going to be a welcoming sanctuary that you will enjoy being in when you need to prepare a meal. Your clean and organized kitchen is going to set an incredible foundation and you will see just how possible it is to declutter to the extent you want to.

Weeks 6 & 7 - Living & Dining Rooms

The living room and dining room. I know that you want to be able to relax in your living room and use your dining room for family meals. I have laid it all out for you to make big strides every day in this space. By the end of the week, you will love sitting down in your living room with a glass of wine and visiting with your family in a beautiful calming space.

online-decluttering-course-2Weeks 8 & 9 - Bedroom

This is where you are going to address your personal space. I’m going to talk you through each section of your room, from the dresser tops and decorations to the clothes in your closet. You are going to create a serene and welcoming space for you to retreat to at the end of every day.

Week 10 - Bathroom

We’re going to dive into the bathroom, sort through the medicine cabinet, jewelry, vanity, toiletries, decor, and linens. Your bathroom is going to be so clean and peaceful, you will want to have a long, quiet soak in your tub just so you can admire your work.

What you will create:3 Tricks to Keeping the Counters Decluttered and Clean

  • A full set of cleaning routines so you find yourself effortlessly keeping your home tidy
  • A clean & organized living area that your entire family will enjoy being in
  • A joyful space that welcomes you and inspires you to live with purpose


What you ps-course-graphicwill get:

  • The complete Practical Simplicity Course
  • A new set of videos each week, for 10 weeks
  • 100% online access
  • 98 training videos
  • 100 + PDF worksheets, checklists, and guides
  • Members Only private Facebook group


You’ll also receive these bonuses,
valued over $500!

BONUS #1 Sentimental Decluttering Through Emotional Processing

A video series with Van Hagestad. Van is an emotional processing coach and his insight is absolutely invaluable. I can speak from personal experience here that learning to process emotions the way Van teaches has been life-changing for our family and I am so thankful for him and the work he does. He has a way of explaining decluttering these emotionally charged items that really simplifies it for everyone.

BONUS #2 How to Simplify the Holidays

An entire video series walking you through how to simplifyOnline Decluttering Course the holidays, including how to determine what traditions are a must for your family, how to navigate gift giving, how to keep your schedule open, even with all the invites and obligations, and how to talk to family members about it.

BONUS #3 Helping Children Declutter Their Own Space

When our children see us making changes like this in the home, they are eager to jump in and make the same amazing changes in their own space; therefore, I have 6 videos directed to children to get them establishing routines and decluttering their space. They will be able to enjoy a clean, clear environment that fosters imagination and creativity.

BONUS #4 A Craft Room Walkthrough

A craft room workbook that you can download and work through at your own pace. It gives step-by-step instructions and all the questions you need to ask yourself as you sort, declutter and reorganize your crafting space.

office-3d-coverBONUS #5 The Home Office

This is a pretty big deal for most people, as papers and filing seem to take up so much mental space! This walkthrough is planned out for 4 weeks to go step-by-step through the office, all the questions to ask yourself, what papers to keep and even how to organize the office closet space and desk.

BONUS #6 Action Plan for the Garage/Storage Space

So many times these spaces are the dumping ground of clutter that we just want to avoid dealing with. After you’re done with the main living spaces of your home, creating a clean, clear garage that meets your family’s needs is going to be a wonderful gift for yourself.

BONUS #7 how to pack and move

If you are looking to move soon, here is the step-by-step of how to streamline the packing and moving process. 

What people are saying:

"With Rachel's course, in only six weeks, the big jobs I'd been putting off for so long are mostly done. It's a wonderful and pretty dramatic change, much-appreciated by other members of my family." ~ A

Rachel was able to clearly guide me through the emotional journey of decluttering my home. I've hired professional help in the past to help me declutter, but I was never able to keep my home in a tidy state. This course helped me understand the why behind my clutter and how to fix it once and for all. I highly recommend this course. Well worth the time & money! ~

I was hesitant to join the course as I was further along my decluttering journey than others and had already achieved a lot on my own but I got an enormous amount out of the course. It's a wonderful course that supported me to make some lasting changes in my home and in my life. No matter where you are in your decluttering journey, I think you'll find many gems and insights in this course. If you're not sure whether to do the course, I'd say DO IT! ~ Em M.

The Decluttering Course provided me with the tools and motivation to de-clutter my home. The private Facebook group was a great place to discuss progress, ask for advice, and just gain momentum to keep on de-cluttering. I am sad the course is over, but very glad that I can access Rachel's on-going advice through her blog. - Geeta Kadakia

"This is an awesome course! Rachel Jones leads you step by step. If you are decluttering in the 2015 challenge and unsure of your goals and aren't sure you are making progress, this course addresses the underlying issues you are facing. With very doable daily course assignments, Rachel's encouragement and the participants Facebook group support, I found a good basis to continue this journey towards my goal of minimalism. Go for it and improve your life free of clutter!" ~Kathleen Kocunik

Rachel is a wonderful instructor. Her course is well organized, easy to follow and do-able. Her videos are very encouraging and helps motivate you do each task. You are given a new skill set that will carry you through your decluttering journey. It's a process but well worth it. Thanks Rachel! ~Maria

My life is much easier to deal with now that I have less, but in having less I have gained so much more. ~Amanda

I think I speak for most members in this group. . . we support each other in our efforts to simplify our lives for the best future possible. we laugh, cry, sympathize, and keep each other on track in our mutual quest. Thank you for this invaluable group! ~Sheri

The course helped me clear out the confusion in my mind so that I could concentrate on divesting myself of all those things I no longer wanted, used, or cared for. I am living comfortably and minimally now, and have so much more time to spend with the people I love, doing the things we love to do. ~A

I've enjoyed insights thru your blog and found your course very helpful, especially those first few days of looking at why we want to declutter and why we're still holding onto things. Thank you! ~Liz

The site has given me reminders of things I can do. Examples; one room at a time. Select amount of time to do it. Take trash out when done. Things I have forgotten, or better ways of doing things. Very informative. ~Leslie

I love Rachel's insights on balancing minimizing and family living. She shows how to minimize within a family in practical, useful ways. ~Casey B.

I am throughly enjoying the course. Most of my friends would say I don't need to declutter but we move later this year and I don't want it to become a massive job. I am now confident, that when the time comes, we will pack the boxes (no sorting required), clean the house and leave as calmly as possible. ~Juanita

Your site has really helped me focus on keeping only that which brings me joy and peace, so it has been like a clutter cleanse. Not so different from all those popular cleanses for our bodies, except Nourishing Minimalism has helped me cleanse my home, my schedule, and even my personal life (relationships and such). Thanks! ~Shaina

The course helped me get going with decluttering. I like the direction and encouragement I'm getting while going through the course, and I'm making good progress on my home. ~Debra C.

I have thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful yet challenging site. I have let go of many things and have never looked back as I have been freed more and more to live my life and not take care of so much stuff. It's an ongoing journey and I'm enjoying the view as there's less and less things in the way and a clearer path before me. Thank you for your guidance, your helping hand along the way, and reminders when I get weary to remember why I am choosing a different way than those around me. I chose to live! ~Jenny

Rachel's material is easy to follow and incredibly inspiring! I have come a long, long way on this journey thanks to Rachel and her practical approach and down to earth persona. Forever grateful. ~Dianne

It's changed my life! I now have more time for all the fun stuff! ~Tam

The free flowing FB group has been the best group therapy I could've hoped for. Thanks for making that happen. ~Luna

Just love the advise that is so practical and doable. Also gives you a different point of view on how to tackle those jobs and emotions you don't want to face, organize or declutter! ~Sonja

Your insight has helped me change my thinking about things, and has helped me clear away the clutter from my home as well as my life. Once the clutter is out of the way, your life frees up in so many other ways. Your mind isn't cluttered with concerns about maintaining all of those things. It isn't stuck in the overwhelmed state any longer. New thoughts and ideas take their place! Instead, perhaps "How can I use my life to help others?" How wonderful is that? Thanks, Rachel, for sharing your gift! ~Diane

I enjoy the continual feeling that I am not in this process alone. ~Jen

Decluttering room by room helped me gain sanity! I lost the anxiety and continuous feeling of being overwhelmed. I'm a new woman and now have a better relationship with my husband and daughter. ~Helen

I'm writing with a big heartfelt thank you for everything so far!!

I am SO happy I chose to do your course - I'm so relieved that the 10 weeks ended and that it's ok for me to work through your tutorials at my own pace. 
I am by no means 'there' - where I want to be, but I have already seen so much positive change in my life - with my job, husband and children - and my own peace of mind! I'm realising this journey is as important as the destination.
I am loving this challenge and loving being a part of it. I have read a lot of books, workshops, blogs, and I'm on plenty of support groups around the topics of frugality, decluttering, minimalism, simple living, joyful living...but the main thing I get from you is the quiet confidence you have in me, in everyone on your course. I feel like we're in a sisterhood - us working mothers who care about the atmosphere at home, and the simple but quality childhood we want to provide. It's because of your non-judgemental, positive and constant support and encouragement, no matter what. I have so much more to say but for now, it was important to me that I said something!! ~ Warm regards, Charlotte Cohen

Your testimonial is next!! Shoot me an email and I'll gladly put it here. 😁