18 Clutter-Free Gifts for Men

18 Clutter Free Gifts for Men

It didn’t take long, as a young wife, to realize that all the suggested gift ideas for men are clutter: hats, ties, gimmicky junk.

As with any gift-giving, it’s important to think about who you are giving to. What type of things to they enjoy, what are their hobbies and what is their love language? Some people want practical, some want meaningful. Become an observer and you will be a master gift-giver.

18 Clutter-Free Gifts for Men

  1. Tools. Drill bits, saw blades are always needing to be replaced. A gift card to a hardware store so he can purchase his own tools or get him a high-quality tool that he’s been needing. Gift card to a gardening store, “virtual” gift certificate to a specialty seed company.
  2. Subscription to “Of The Month Club. Coffee, cheese, wine, specialty brews, fruit- there is something for everyone!
  3. Leather Items. Good quality leather items are wonderful and wear well, but not always splurged upon. “Genuine” leather is actually a poor grade of leather, so don’t be fooled into buying something cheap. Be sure to get an authentic leather from a leather store, or follow these directions and make him one.
  4. Food. Men appreciate homemade food. Quick breads, cookies, jams & jellies, jerky, nuts, microbrew beers
  5. Gift Cards. Coffee shops, restaurants, hobby stores, outdoor stores, bookstores, automotive stores, anything he would be interested in.
  6. For the Firearm Enthusiast. Ammo, membership to a shooting range or gun club.
  7. Movie Tickets to go see an upcoming movie, or to be able to go out with the whole family.
  8. For the Outdoorsmen. Fishing or hunting license gift certificate for meat processing.
  9. Event Tickets. Sports, concerts, a day at the races, comedy clubs.
  10. A Romantic Getaway. This could be a night out on the town, a motel stay or bed & breakfast, a weekend retreat or even a week’s vacation. Plan it, keep in mind the things he enjoys and surprise him with it all planned out.
  11. Car Maintenance. Oil changes, detailing, car washes are all nice.
  12. For the Golfer. Get a gift certificate for a round of golf or some time at the driving range.
  13. An Experience. Flying in the co-pilot seat, driving a race car, fishing in Alaska, or a hunting trip to Montana, paintball tournament, zip line tour. Pick something he would love to do, but wouldn’t splurge on for himself.
  14. Lessons/Classes. This can range from cooking to martial arts, golfing, or perhaps even ballroom dance lessons with his significant other.
  15. Homemade Coupons. A massage, a special baked item, a guy’s night with all his buddies. Homemade coupons are terrific. If you are a mother/grandmother, how about a coupon for babysitting and a gift card to a nice restaurant so he can have a night out with his love?
  16. Sports Massage. A sports massage is wonderful for hard working, hard playing people. Typically 90 minutes, the masseuse goes over every muscle in the body and it can be very healing.
  17. Time. Have a day that is just for him- he can do whatever suits his fancy, free to tinker in the shop, go golfing or fishing. Being a family man is hard work, give him a guilt-free day to do whatever he wants.
  18. Rent a Harley or a fun sports car and enjoy a day out. Picnic or hit up a cafe in a small town that you haven’t explored before.

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  1. ellie on 08/20/2014 at 2:21 am

    Where are the non-clutter gifts for MOMS?

  2. patty on 10/27/2014 at 10:11 am

    For father’s day I took hubby in an open cockpit airplane for a scenic tour of martha’s vineyard and some aerobatics. He loved it!

    • Rachel on 10/27/2014 at 2:58 pm

      What an awesome gift! Good job. šŸ™‚

  3. Kathleen on 11/19/2014 at 3:56 pm

    How about some ideas that aren’t budget busters? I would love to let him fly a plane or take a weekend trip to a B&B, but the budget won’t allow it. Even a massage where I live is close to $120. šŸ™‚ Yes, I know time is free, šŸ™‚

    • Dani on 06/06/2015 at 5:47 pm

      You can Massage him yourself!? Light some candles, some nice music…
      Here in Germany the children gift the parents. I got sleeping in, breakfast ready and a wellness evening. My daughter massaaged me, gave me footrub, a facial mask and painted my nails. She’s 11. I loved it!

  4. Erin on 12/11/2015 at 4:15 pm

    State park permits make excellent gifts.

    • Rachel on 12/15/2015 at 4:48 pm

      Oh love that idea!

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  6. […] 18 Clutter-Free Gifts for Men […]

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