18 Clutter-Free Gifts Under $20

Budget-friendly and clutter-free, unfortunately, don’t always go together when it comes to gifting during the holidays. So I sat down to consider what items are useful enough that they aren’t considered clutter but are also easy on the pocketbook.

I don’t want to burden my loved ones with cluttery knick-knacks or cutesy gift sets from a big box store, so here are my go-to’s for gifts under $20:

 18 Clutter-Free Gifts for Under $20

  1. Homemade Preserves. Consumables are lovely- the receiver of the present gets to enjoy the food and not have anything left cluttering up their home. Homemade treats are always great, and many can be made months beforehand, so you know that gifts are taken care of. Jams, jellies, homemade moonshine, etc.
  2. Homemade Treats. Cakes, cookies, and quick breads are wonderful. Most freeze well, so you can make them ahead when you have a free day to be in the kitchen.
  3. Salty Treats. Specialty nuts, jerky, sausage, cheese baskets (please get the ones with real cheese!!), etc.
  4. Sweet Treats. Chocolates, wine, specialty cookies, etc., are definitely welcome.
  5. Hard to Find Snacks. I know many people who have moved from an area and can no longer find certain snacks they used to commonly get. If you live in their hometown and send gifts, give them what they’ve been missing, or if you don’t live there, network with your friends and find someone who can mail them from that area.
  6. Fruit. Yes, more food. 🙂 Fruit baskets are great and often appreciated during the holidays, as people are usually so busy that they forget to eat a good variety of nutritious foods each day.
  7. Gift Cards. It’s ok to give a gift card for $5, $10, $15, or $20. Amazon, iTunes, and coffee shops are all great ideas, and people can treat themselves and not feel guilty about it.
  8. Flowers. Fresh flowers are always lovely to get in the middle of winter (or anytime, for that matter)!
  9. Plants. Plenty of plant combinations are cool and can even work for a masculine gift as well: cactus gardens, bamboo plants, bonsai, etc.
  10. Coloring Book. Coloring is taking the nation by storm- and it’s a lovely hobby! Pick a book that fits their interests- Wine, Coffee, etc.
  11. So Kind Registry. Ask your loved ones to register SoKindRegistry Check out their gift suggestions and samples to see what it’s all about.
  12. Donations. You can gift to charitable organizations in any amount, and they will kindly notify the receiver for you. A gift to a charity that you know would be meaningful to the person you have in mind.
  13. Movie Tickets. Movies are always a fun treat, and many times, not something we splurge on ourselves, so having tickets ready for an upcoming film is fabulous.
  14. Wool Socks. So, maybe not super exciting, but a nice pair of wool socks is such a treat for the feet during cold winter months! And having a stash of cozy wool socks for oneself isn’t typically on the personal shopping list, so it’s an excellent way to treat and be useful.
  15. Etsy. There are so many great handmade items on Etsy. If you know the person well, it won’t take long to find a gift for the list maker in your life, the grill master, or some lotions specially made for the rock climber.
  16. Candles. I know, I know… candles. BUT- these are different! Natural beeswax candles don’t emit unpleasant smells or toxic chemicals. Instead, they work at purifying the air by emitting negative ions.
  17. Seeds. For the avid gardener they’re always dreaming about their upcoming garden. Specialty and heirloom seeds will be a real hit. Unique seeds are so fun to shop for! Tomatoes, carrots, and culinary herbs are popular.
  18. Sporting Event Tickets. Local sports team events are fun and promote community.

For more clutter-free gift ideas:

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  1. johanna on 12/06/2014 at 7:11 pm

    Sonme great suggestions, thank you. I’d like to suggest lottery tickets too. How can you go wrong there? 🙂
    Or are they pricy in the US? Here in Belgium one ticket might cost 5€, comparable to many of the ideas mentioned above.

  2. Knittinchick on 10/22/2015 at 5:54 pm

    I love the movie tickets idea but am not a huge fan of all the food ideas. As someone who has a husband with pre-type 2 diabetes and we are trying to watch our waistlines, I usually have to throw away all the Christmas-y gift foods which I don’t like doing!

  3. mericat on 11/12/2019 at 2:25 am

    Offer a night of babysitting so new parents or parents of young children can have a date.

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