18 ClutterFree Gifts for Grandparents

Grandparents typically are at the stage in their life where they have already purchased everything they want. They bought the good sturdy brands that have lasted and nothing is in need of replacement. Often times their home is filled and there is simply no needs at all.

So, what do you get them?

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Family photo. Every grandparent I know wants a family photo- photos of each of their children’s families, as well as a big group photo of all the descendants. If you have the chance to get everyone together for a big group photo, that’s wonderful, but if not- encourage each family to give an updated family photo once a year.
  2. Photo Calendar. Many online photo sites help you create family calendars- complete with birthdays and anniversaries printed on.
  3. Digital Frame. No longer does a grandparent’s home have to be cluttered with frames to always keep their loved ones in view. Download a variety of pictures of the entire family and have it ready to go.
  4. Kindle or iPad. If the grandparent isn’t tech-savvy, change the settings to what they need. Teach them how to search for books, or load some for them. One can adjust the lighting, spacing of sentences and font, so it’s easy to read. You can also get a plethora of audiobooks to listen to.
  5. Monthly clubs. wine, coffee (Atlas Coffee Club is fantastic), and flowers are always wonderful and consumable.
  6. Magazine or Newspaper Subscriptions. Sports, Gardening, Traveling, whatever they enjoy- get them something you know they will enjoy reading about.
  7. Dinner Theatre Tickets. Fun and entertaining, especially if it’s not something they would typically splurge on.
  8. Bed and Breakfast. Give them a night away to enjoy a quaint, quiet area and perhaps a small town they have never toured before.
  9. Donate to a Favorite Charity. The older we get, the more we realize how important giving and helping others is. Find a cause that they feel is important and donate in their name. Charities will send a nice thank you card to the person you are gifting to.
  10. Hobby Gifts. There are consumable gifts that each hobby uses- golfers need tee times, knitters need more yarn, woodworkers need more supplies. If you are unfamiliar with the hobby, go with gift cards so they can pick out something they will use.
  11. Small but Necessary Items. If on a fixed income, having a stash of gift card/certificates for necessary expenditures is a nice break. Gift cards to their drugstore or grocery store, gift certificates to a hairdresser or vet for their pet.
  12. Home Cooked Meals. Once they live alone, the joy of cooking a meal often turns to survival and next thing you know, they’re microwaving Lean Cuisine and calling it food. Get some small containers and freeze portions of your home-cooked meal that they can just reheat. Soup, stews, casseroles and quick breads freeze beautifully. It’s like delivering a box of pure love right there!
  13. Memories. Ask every child, grandchild, and great-grandchild to write a note, poem or picture of special things they remember about the grandparents. Tie it up in an envelope, or scan into the computer and make a small book.
  14. Entertainment Coupon Book. Many schools or clubs (sports/music) offer these for fundraising and by gifting it, grandparents can be pleased with the gift and also what it is supporting.
  15. Card Organizer. Gather a big variety of greeting cards and include stamps. Be sure to write down all the family birthdays and anniversaries Grandma likes to remember, you can find organizers and binders that help keep it all together.
  16. Digitizing VHS, Slides or Photo Albums. Preserving family memories is often an overwhelming task for someone with many years worth. FOREVER can help you preserve photos and gift them memories that keep.
  17. Time. For the home-bound grandparent, give them a calendar with a year’s worth of visits scheduled out- dinners together, afternoon puzzle dates, BBQ and yard games, lunch or ice cream dates. Make sure to copy everything scheduled onto your personal calendar, so you don’t miss any plans.
  18. Work. Often times the to-do list gets too long with projects that take more muscle and agility then they used to have. Just like #17, mark days on the calendar when you will be there to work. Weed the flower beds, plant the garden, clean the gutters, rack leaves and mow the lawn. If you live too far away, hire someone to do these things. But if you live close enough, I encourage you to go and work. It’s more meaningful and they know you love them and are there for them.


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18 ClutterFree Gifts for Grandparents

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  1. Marsha on 02/10/2016 at 8:18 pm

    Thank you, thank you, for this post.
    It breaks my heart when my friend is crushed because one of her grown kids has given her a gift that is totally “not her”. It’s not the gift, it’s the fact that she feels she doesn’t matter enough in their adult lives for them to really know who she is!! I am nearly 72, married 54 years, mother of 3 sons 44,50,54; grandmother of 7, ranging from 31 to 6, and great-gran to a 2 year old boy. Raising my young sons, and being able to enjoy my sons and their families still, are the most joyful and cherished memories in my predominately happy life
    Some of your no-clutter gift ideas are wonderful, especially #1,13,16,17,18. Having frequent family meals and gatherings together is a gift in itself (time together is precious) My husband is a project and putter person, and my sons and/or grandsons frequently spend time working with him, again, time spent together, so precious to him! My little grans do crafts with me (#8,9), and we make barrettes, paint t-shirts, gifts for others, make Christmas ornaments. I’m a potter, and we frequently work together with clay. I love to garden, and the grans help frequently and enthusiastically. Your #10 & 11 would be appropriate if the folks are on a limited income, but if you do give gift cards, be sure you know where they like to shop or dine. You won’t want to give gift cards for places they don’t care to go on their own! My youngest son has us on his cell account. It costs him an extra $20 per month for both of us, but saves us around $90 a month over our having a separate account, and we are really appreciative! (I had done the same for my parents). My kids and grans spend time with us, and know our tastes very well. That is the best gift you can give .. time enjoyed together, and attention paid to us so you know what really is our taste! Being an included and welcome part of our adult family’s life is the most precious gift ever given us!!

    • Rachel on 02/10/2016 at 11:36 pm

      Thank you Marsha!

  2. Anna Cole on 08/23/2016 at 11:46 am

    We got my parents a Nixplay frame and all the kids have the login so they can add photos from a phone app. It’s great! My mom doesn’t have to know anything except how to turn it on. As long as they’ve got wi-fi, it’s a great gift for any grandparent or great-grandparent.

    • Rachel on 08/31/2016 at 5:08 pm

      Awesome- thanks for that suggestion Anna!

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  6. Zoe Campos on 08/26/2020 at 10:39 am

    Thanks for telling me to ask other my aunts and uncles if they can provide a family photo that my grandparents will surely like. They are living in a nursing home and I’m sure they miss us all the time, so giving them a photo collage for their upcoming wedding anniversary would be a great gift. I hope I’ll be able to gather enough photos and complete our family tree.

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