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Practical Simplicity

A 10-week course discovering the power of simple habits and embracing a lifestyle of (your style) of minimalist living.

Clutter Busting Charts

12 charts with different rooms so you can keep your focus to one area at a time and see some major transformation with your decluttering journey!

Simple Suppers Bundle

Everything you need to spend less time slaving over a stove and still serve your family delicious real food.

Minimalist Mindset 7-days of Journaling Prompts

The journey to minimalism begins in the way you think about life. Discover how to find where you're stuck and move into minimalism with confidence.

Rocking Time Blocking

Don't let the calendar dictate your life- instead, learn to use the calendar to create margins for yourself and gain downtime.

Kickin' Kitchen

A 4-week challenge to go from cluttery-chaos to a totally kickin' kitchen.

Simplify the Holidays

A video course helping you let go of the Holiday anxiety and rediscovering the joy to be found in precious family moments.