So, you want to declutter, but don't know where to start?

When we decide it's time to declutter our home, we already know there is a problem.

It's all the clutter that is IN OUR FACE every single day, right??

There is stuff on every surface, and in every cupboard, closet, and drawer.

We know that simplifying our surroundings is supposed to bring us a sense of peace and calm, but there is so much, everywhere I rest my eyes I see more things!

How great would it be to walk into the kitchen and see that all the counters are clean and clear?

To open the cupboard and see everything beautifully organized and easy to access?

To be able to invite someone over at a moment's notice and not be stressed at all??

This can be your reality. ❤️



Please set the price based on what you believe the value of the teaching is to your life.

clutter busting charts

A room by room game plan to help you move from chaos & clutter to serene spaces.

➡️ Most people open a cupboard and look to see what they can get rid of.  But they never see a difference even when they get rid of stuff all the time.

➡️ Many feel like they need to invest several weeks' worth of time and energy in order to make a dent in the clutter.

➡️ But you can make massive shifts in your home when you focus on one space at a time and when you ask the right questions.

➡️ Simply changing your questions from "What do I want to declutter?" to "What do I actually want to keep in my home?" can transform the way you declutter!

overwhelmed clutter

Hi! I'm Rachel!

Rachel circle (1)

My relationship with clutter started when I was 18. I had just gotten married, I was expecting my first baby and I didn't know how to keep a decent house.

I bought all the cleaning supplies that were supposed to "make cleaning a breeze!"

I bought all the baby supplies because they were supposed to make my baby smart and make parenting easier.

I was afraid of getting rid of any papers I needed, so I would stuff them all in a box and hid them in the closet.

But as the years went on, and more children were born, the house was filled with more and more STUFF.

I was overwhelmed with how much I had to take care of.

I fell into a deep depression and struggled with even the basic household tasks.

In 2008 I decided to make a change. A drastic change.

I decided to become a minimalist.

And I have to tell you, that I have NEVER regretted it!

My home is clean and clear, the surfaces are always welcoming, and when I look around I feel calm and joyful.

Along the way, I have learned the most effective ways to declutter, live with less, and create habits that make me LOVE my home.

And that is what I want to share with you.

My struggle was a serious struggle. Your journey can be easier. ❤️


Please set the price based on what you believe the value of the teaching is to your life.

  • In this chart set, I've included the basic intro of where to start so you can see a huge difference RIGHT AWAY.
  • You'll also get a full list of questions to ask so you can make decisions easier and faster.
  • And I've included my transformative "poop story" that helped me reevaluate what was valuable to me.😂
  • You'll be able to focus on one room at a time so you can SEE the transformation take place in your home.

What you get:

  • Decluttering 101
  • Clutter Interrogation Questions
  • 12 Charts:
    • Kitchen
    • Dining Room
    • Living Room
    • Bathrooms
    • Master Bedroom
    • Spare/Kids Room
    • Office
    • Laundry Room
    • Basement
    • Closets
    • Attic/Storage
    • Garage
clutter busting

"I bought those lists and they are awesome. They were great when you have that feeling like you don’t know where to start. They go through each room of the house each month so you focus on one room at a time and give ideas of where to look to get rid of trash and excess." ~Kat P.


Too often we move from one task to another, leaving half-done projects in our wake. To really see a change in our home, we need to keep our focus on one area at a time. Room by room decluttering and streamlining.

12 charts with different rooms so you can keep your focus to one area at a time and see some major transformation with your decluttering journey!


Have you ever stood in your home, wanting to be free of clutter, but not knowing where to start or even how to start?

Let these charts be your guide. Do something small every day, place the current chart on the fridge next to your yearly decluttering chart and you will be encouraged as you start to see items being checked off, boxes being filled and removed from the house, and clean clear spaces pleasantly popping up.


Of course, when we decide to make this big of a change in our lives, we want it to happen quickly.

But exhausting yourself over one weekend of intense decluttering only leads to frustration and quickly overwhelms our efforts.

Instead, we need to work diligently, each day, for 15-30 minutes. Just one drawer or one shelf at a time. This is not a quick sprint. It’s a marathon race. One needs a good pace to continue and follow through to the end.

Once you purchase:

You will receive an email with a link to download the PDF.

Twelve different areas, listing all the categories in each area that you can check off as you complete them.

**Please note: All sales final, no refunds**

Beat clutter this year
You can do this.

clutter busting charts