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2020 in 2020

Declutter 2,020 items in 2020!

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Clean With Me: join me as I clean the house!

Want to see how minimalism makes a typical Saturday cleaning time easier? Having less means I don’t have to spend as much time managing, moving, sorting, organizing, maintaining or cleaning stuff.

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2020 in 2020 Decluttering Challenge

   So, you’ve been thinking of simplifying and need some motivation to make serious changes this year, right? Here’s my challenge to you: Get rid of 2,020 items in 2020. Back in 2008, I was overwhelmed, and my emotional state was controlled by the cluttery-chaos that ruled my life. There was stuff everywhere. So…

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Menu planning for the holidays and how to keep it simple

Planning out meals ahead of time definitely takes work, but it saves labor as well as mental energy in the long run.  The easiest way I have found to do this is to sit down and write out all the meals your family enjoys.  If you can’t think of many, ask the kids. For my…

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How do you tell your bossy mom you got rid of her gifts without feeling guilt?

I recently had a webinar and someone asked this question: “How do you tell your bossy mom you got rid of her gifts without feeling guilt?” And I wanted to answer it here because I’ve been asked this question frequently. Don’t try to control what someone else will feel First off, you need to know:…

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How to get into the “zone” and get stuff done

Tricks that I use to get into my zone. What I do to get ready so I have a decent day and accomplish things that I want to accomplish. It doesn’t matter if it’s decluttering, cleaning, organizing, writing, just feeling better about the day, if I want to accomplish something, it helps to set myself…

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Minimalism Can Help You Conquer Your Fears

Minimalism helped me face my fears. First off, getting rid of stuff made me realize I don’t have to fear not being prepared. How many times have you decided to keep something “just in case?” I had this idea that I had to hold onto things in case I needed them. But that is a fear-based decision.…

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How the 5-Second Rule will help you gain control of your home

Mel Robbins came up with the 5-Second Rule to help herself get out of a very dark place in her life. I read her book, I’ve watched her videos and I think it’s a wonderful tool to use! Especially when we are overwhelmed with our home and we need to tackle certain projects like decluttering,…

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The One Mental Shift Needed to Simplify your Life

The mental shift that you need to simplify your life… We can make all kinds of changes in our life and our home. We can do some decluttering work and we can do some simplifying work, but to be really effective and to get to where you want to be, you have to do some…

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3 Ways Minimalism has Transformed my Life

Minimalism can impact our lives on so many levels. It’s more than the visual appeal, it impacts our relationships and how we handle things emotionally. Minimalism has brought many positive changes into my life, here are just three of them.  #1. Emotionally Before minimalism, I was depressed, stressed out, overwhelmed, every negative emotion a person could…

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The Key to Free-time is in the Little Steps

Discipline equals freedom I teach routines. I’m sure you all know it. I hear myself saying over and over that to thrive in your home, create morning and evening routines, and a weekly cleaning routine. The point is to build that into your life, so it’s done at a regular basis and not waiting all week, and…

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About me

I'm Rachel Jones, The Joyful Space Specialist.

In 2008, I determined to get rid of enough physical items so I could have clear counters, organized cupboards and a living room that I could consider an oasis.

After much trial and error (and a serious sewage situation) I finally figured out a system that worked for me. And this is what I want to share with you: hope, freedom and a joyful space of your own. ❤️

What people are saying:

RJI' ve followed your blog for about a year now. Applying your method of decluttering has been a huge help for me! It is self-evident, pragmatic (I really appreciate your emphasis on preparing fresh meals day by day), and it really works. I found quite some truths in your blog postings: how joyful a kitchen with empty surfaces is, how emotionally challenging it is to declutter sentimental items and that you really save time and money when every item has its place. During the year our youngest child left the house and my husband and I moved from a town house to a significantly smaller flat - in this process we got rid of round about 3000 items and feel very comfortable with it. Thank you so much!

Rachel Jones' course has honestly been life-noel green thumbchanging for me. I've been trying to declutter my home for YEARS, without ever making lasting changes, but this course has taught me how to tackle the excess in my home in a very doable, step by step manner. Even though I've read many organizing books, Rachel clarified the process of reducing the amount of items I own so that now I feel equipped to tackle other areas of my home. And probably most importantly, Rachel helped me to see that I was believing things about myself that are not true, and that was limiting me in significant ways. Thank you, Rachel! 

"This is an awesome course! Rachel Jones leads you step-by-step. If you are decluttering in the 2015 challenge and unsure of your goals and aren't sure you are making progress, this course addresses the underlying issues you are facing. With very doable daily course assignments, Rachel's encouragement and the participants Facebook group support, I found a good basis to continue this journey towards my goal of minimalism. Go for it and improve your life free of clutter!" ~Kathleen Kocunik

Rachel is a wonderful instructor. Her course is well organized, easy to follow and do-able. Her videos are very encouraging and helps motivate you do each task. You are given a new skill set that will carry you through your decluttering journey. It's a process but well worth it. Thanks Rachel! ~Maria

Rachel was able to clearly guide me through the emotional journey of decluttering my home. I've hired professional help in the past to help me declutter, but I was never able to keep my home in a tidy state. This course helped me understand the why behind my clutter and how to fix it once and for all. I highly recommend this course. Well worth the time & money! ~ Anon