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Would you describe your home as overwhelming with clutter?

You've started and stopped so many times, it's hard to build up the motivation to do anything- and when you do it just makes it feel more overwhelming than it was before?

You're not alone. I've been there too.

It's easy to see that we have too much stuff and that getting rid of the clutter would help. It's just hard to start and hard to focus.

But it CAN be done.

You have the ability to tackle those specific areas that would make a HUGE impact on your everyday life.

You CAN declutter your home, you CAN put easy systems in place, and you CAN conquer the overwhelm.

curb the worst 6

Introducing: Curb the Worst

A 10-day challenge to tackle the WORST parts of the house, and make it as user-friendly as possible.


Certain things hold us back from making progress- and it comes down to the simple everyday things that we need in our lives.

We procrastinate. We allow things in life to take priority. It somehow seems easier to just live this way than actually setting aside time and forcing ourselves to work.


This challenge is different. The focus is taking care of all those things that keep us STUCK.

We're drawing the line in the sand. And we're conquering the WORST of the house.

That's right. You want to take action? Let's make the 10-day commitment, set aside the time, and GET IT DONE.


As a mom of 6, I knew what it was to live with clutter.

I was overwhelmed, exhausted, and ashamed of the state of my home.

No one would have guessed- I presented myself as a put-together, creative super-mom.

But when I walked in my door, the reality slapped me in the face.

I was depressed, ashamed, and hopeless.

I had tried decluttering for years. I decluttered all the time. But nothing ever made a difference.

In 2008 I finally decided to embrace minimalism.

But it was YEARS of struggle before I saw the difference I wanted.

And that's why I teach what I do. I want to save you the struggle, the frustration and help you stop overwhelm NOW.

If you've been stuck, I will give you the exact steps to take to make the beginning of this journey easier so you can CURB THE WORST of it.

In only 10 days.



These 10 days can change everything for you.

In Curb the Worst You Will:

  • Tackle all the worst areas of clutter in your home.
  • Establish a system to keep the clutter under control.
  • Simplify those areas so they're easy to maintain.
curb the worst

How this is going to work:

As soon as you register you will receive access to the membership site and the private Facebook group.

The tasks will be available one day at a time, beginning September 21.

Each day, for 10 days, there will be a video of me explaining your task. 

Be prepared to work 1 - 3 hours each day.

The private Facebook group is there to encourage each other, ask questions, and stay motivated.

So what's included?

Membership Site

The membership site will include all video recordings. It also includes PDFs to help you track and stay on task so you can reap all the benefits of taking on this challenge.

10 Video Lessons

Lessons/tasks will be "dripped" out one day at a time, with thorough explanations as well as ways to work and questions to ask as you declutter.

Private Facebook Group

When we go through difficult things together, no matter how diverse we are, it bonds us together. Having others that are working alongside will carry you SO MUCH FARTHER than if you go it alone.


Day 1 Monday - Mindset for this challenge, setting up systems, dishes, and kitchen tidy

Day 2 Tuesday - all-room quick declutter

Day 3 Wednesday - Your clothes

Day 4 Thursday - Paper Clutter - current papers

Day 5 Friday - Kids clothes -or- Paper Clutter - important papers

Day 6 Saturday - Kids Toys -or- Paper Clutter - sorting & systems

Sunday ~Break~

Day 7 Monday - Kitchen part 1 - dishware 

Day 8 Tuesday - Kitchen part 2 - drinkware 

Day 9 Wednesday - Kitchen part 3 - containers 

Day 10 Thursday - Kitchen part 4 - Pots, Pans, Utensils.

Your investment:

*** PLEASE NOTE: ***

Once you purchase, you will get an email to log in to the member site.

Any refunds must be requested before the course begins.

Your investment: