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How to Manage Debt Effectively (6 Tips For Debt-Free Living) 

This is a guest post from Miguel at The Simple Paradise Are you struggling to pay off your debt and feeling overwhelmed!? Are you looking for a solution to your debt troubles and want to know how to manage your debt effectively?  Managing your debt and paying it off effectively is all about managing your…

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4 Easy Ways to Tackle Home Overwhelm and Get Your Home in Order

Discover 5 easy and effective ways to tackle home overwhelm and bring order back to your living space. Get your home in order with these practical tips and reclaim a sense of harmony and organization in your daily life.

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4 Decluttering Mistakes to Avoid and What to Do Instead

Maintaining an organized and clutter-free home can feel like a never-ending battle. The constant influx of papers, clothes, and miscellaneous items can quickly turn our living spaces into chaotic zones. However, decluttering doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task if we avoid some common mistakes and adopt effective strategies. In this blog post, we’ll delve…

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What if I regret decluttering something?

I was in my Facebook group last week, and someone shared, “It finally happened.” They had decluttered something and then regretted it. That is a fear we all have. In fact, it’s such a strong fear that it often prevents us from decluttering. Is that fear valid? And what can we do to avoid making…

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Why Embracing Minimalism Can Free Up Every Other Aspect of Our Lives

I decided to do my hair in an unconventional way, and people have varying opinions on this, which I understand; we all have preferences. But I got quite a few negative comments, and the ones that I want to address are the comments that said, “You shouldn’t do it; that doesn’t seem minimal.” I would argue…

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Her house isn’t messy anymore, because of these 3 reasons.

I knew a gal about 20 years ago whose house was a messy disaster. She had 3 kids – 5, 6, and 7 years old. She was super creative; she baked, sewed quilts, and loved scrapbooking. But, she struggled with anxiety and depression. Her home was overwhelming, and she had a ton of “mom guilt”…

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5 Practical Ways to Navigate Change in Everyday Life

Let’s talk about change for a minute. This is our last week of school until Fall. Change of routine is hard for me. It seems like it takes about a month for my mind to adjust and feel comfortable in my new routine. Brian recently changed jobs, so I’m still getting used to his new…

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9 Ways Minimalism Saves me From Spending Hours on Laundry Each Month

Minimizing our clothing has impacted the amount of time I spend doing laundry.  Simplifying my life and embracing minimalism has helped me spend less time on daily chores overall. Just like how having fewer dishes means less time spent doing dishes, having fewer clothes means less time spent doing laundry.  I know many people who…

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The Fastest and Easiest Way to Lose Weight? 10 Month Update!

Just to tell you about myself, I’m 46, 5’ 7” and I have given birth to 6 children. I started out my weight loss journey by doing calorie counting. My top weight was 150 lbs, and I lost 10 lbs by calorie counting using Noom. BUT I HATED IT. I always felt guilty if I ate…

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7 Steps to Declutter Your Life and Why It’s Important

Being surrounded by clutter increases our cortisol levels; cortisol is considered the “stress hormone” and harms our health all the way around – from depression to heart disease – Clutter is bad for our health.  The main reason is: It’s an ever-present reminder of all the things we need to deal with; it’s as if…

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About me

I'm Rachel Jones, The Joyful Space Specialist.

In 2008, I determined to get rid of enough physical items so I could have clear counters, organized cupboards and a living room that I could consider an oasis.

After much trial and error (and a serious sewage situation) I finally figured out a system that worked for me. And this is what I want to share with you: hope, freedom and a joyful space of your own. ❤️

Favorite Products:

Clutter-Free Army

Monthly Membership: weekly PDFs sent with six 10-minute missions, including questions to help and an action plan to move your forward 10 minutes at a time.

Clutter Busting Charts

A room by room game plan to help you move from chaos & clutter to serene spaces. 12 charts with different rooms so you can keep your focus to one area at a time and see some major transformation with your decluttering journey!

Home Reset Checklists

Editable PDFs to help you establish daily routines, so you stop dreading the chores and begin living with freedom.

The Forethought Planner

Vertical weekly planner, Sunday start. Twelve coloring pages to help you unwind. Included are dot-grid pages between each month. In the back of the planner are 24 lined pages and 52 dot-grid pages. The spiral binding is durable. Measures 7″ x 10.” Lays flat.

Minimalist Mindset

A 21-day journaling course to help you shift your mindset about physical possessions, how you spend your time, and the people and things you surround yourself with.

What people are saying:

RJI' ve followed your blog for about a year now. Applying your method of decluttering has been a huge help for me! It is self-evident, pragmatic (I really appreciate your emphasis on preparing fresh meals day by day), and it really works. I found quite some truths in your blog postings: how joyful a kitchen with empty surfaces is, how emotionally challenging it is to declutter sentimental items and that you really save time and money when every item has its place. During the year our youngest child left the house and my husband and I moved from a town house to a significantly smaller flat - in this process we got rid of round about 3000 items and feel very comfortable with it. Thank you so much!

Rachel Jones' course has honestly been life-noel green thumbchanging for me. I've been trying to declutter my home for YEARS, without ever making lasting changes, but this course has taught me how to tackle the excess in my home in a very doable, step by step manner. Even though I've read many organizing books, Rachel clarified the process of reducing the amount of items I own so that now I feel equipped to tackle other areas of my home. And probably most importantly, Rachel helped me to see that I was believing things about myself that are not true, and that was limiting me in significant ways. Thank you, Rachel! 

"This is an awesome course! Rachel Jones leads you step-by-step. If you are decluttering in the 2015 challenge and unsure of your goals and aren't sure you are making progress, this course addresses the underlying issues you are facing. With very doable daily course assignments, Rachel's encouragement and the participants Facebook group support, I found a good basis to continue this journey towards my goal of minimalism. Go for it and improve your life free of clutter!" ~Kathleen Kocunik

Rachel is a wonderful instructor. Her course is well organized, easy to follow and do-able. Her videos are very encouraging and helps motivate you do each task. You are given a new skill set that will carry you through your decluttering journey. It's a process but well worth it. Thanks Rachel! ~Maria

Rachel was able to clearly guide me through the emotional journey of decluttering my home. I've hired professional help in the past to help me declutter, but I was never able to keep my home in a tidy state. This course helped me understand the why behind my clutter and how to fix it once and for all. I highly recommend this course. Well worth the time & money! ~ Anon

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