I'm Rachel Jones,

author of nourishing minimalism

From Clutter & Chaos to Freedom & Joy

My mission is to help you transform your home into a peaceful space with airy closets, organized cupboards and sparkling clear countertops.

My Journey

I started my journey to minimalism in 2008, struggling with depression and horribly embarrassed by the messy state of our home.

My goal for pursuing minimalism was to find contentment and joy in spending time with family and being able to focus on Christ. What I found was that minimalism wasn’t the answer. But it is a tool to use to help you focus on what’s important.

Minimalism doesn’t provide what you are looking for, but it can eliminate all the distractions as you are on that journey

My Mission

To help others turn their home into their own personal oasis.

Having found an immense amount of freedom with minimalism, it's my goal to share the methods of simplifying and the tools that I had to rely on (and still do!) to maintain a home that is easy to take care of and a joyful space to live.

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2021 in 2021

Each year I host a decluttering challenge. This year we are ridding our homes of 2,021 items!

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37,705 members and growing, this amazing group of people are making a difference in their home this year following the yearly challenge and encouraging one another along the way.

Products to help you simplify your life:

Unfuss Your Home

Do you want to live minimally, but keep procrastinating? ____   You plan to declutter, set goals to declutter, do some, but it never is enough to feel the freedom that comes with minimalism.   The truth is, decluttering is WORK.   The decisions to actually let things go is hard, but every time you…

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21 Days of Intention

Do you long to live with intention? These 21 exercises will help you begin living your everyday life with intention. It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of life.  Even as a minimalist, I have to be very intentional with how I spend my time. And I know I’m not the only one.…

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Minimalist Mindset Journaling

Minimalist Mindset Journaling Prompts 7 Audios Each day you will get an audio file walking you through the journaling exercise of the day. Only a couple of minutes long, but packed with helpful information to get your thoughts flowing. 7 Printables A workbook to go along with your journaling prompts, so you can reference it…

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Home Reset

Are you ready for a home that cleans itself? The house can get out of control and feel like an overwhelming burden. The dishes in the sink are never-ending. The laundry is even worse with the piles of clean getting mixed up with the piles of dirty. The cupboards are busting and the idea of…

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Clutter-Busting Charts

So, you want to declutter, but don’t know where to start? When we decide it’s time to declutter our home, we already know there is a problem. It’s all the clutter that is IN OUR FACE every single day, right?? There is stuff on every surface, and in every cupboard, closet, and drawer. We know…

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My Family

My husband Brian and I live in Montana with 3 of our 6 children still at home. Our children range in age from 6-years-old on up to a 24-year-old Marine, who is now married and serving in Virginia (and a grandbaby!). We enjoy nature, being creative; drawing (check out my collection of coloring books!), painting, and participating in our local renaissance festival with Brian's (and the kids) chainmaille designs.

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