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Your site has really helped me focus on keeping only that which brings me joy and peace, so it has been like a clutter cleanse. Nourishing Minimalism has helped me cleanse my home, my schedule, and even my personal life. Thanks!

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About me

I'm Rachel Jones, The Joyful Space Specialist.

In 2008, I determined to get rid of enough physical items so I could have clear counters, organized cupboards and a living room that I could consider an oasis.

After much trial and error (and a serious sewage situation) and finally figured out a system that worked for me. And this is what I want to share with you: hope, freedom and a joyful space of your own. ❤️

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What people are saying:

RJI' ve followed your blog for about a year now. Applying your method of decluttering has been a huge help for me! It is self-evident, pragmatic (I really appreciate your emphasis on preparing fresh meals day by day), and it really works. I found quite some truths in your blog postings: how joyful a kitchen with empty surfaces is, how emotionally challenging it is to declutter sentimental items and that you really save time and money when every item has its place. During the year our youngest child left the house and my husband and I moved from a town house to a significantly smaller flat - in this process we got rid of round about 3000 items and feel very comfortable with it. Thank you so much!