clutter free army

You CAN declutter your home, you CAN live minimally and you CAN have freedom from STUFF.


Introducing: Clutter-Free Army

A monthly membership to keep you moving forward to a clutter-free home.

Join our army, take steps every week to kick clutter to the curb, and gain control of your home, 10 minutes at a time!

Membership includes a weekly PDF focusing on a different area of the home each week:

  • Six 10-minute-missions
  • Questions to help you
  • Plan of attack

That's right. You want to take action? Let's make the commitment, set aside the time, and GET IT DONE.

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As a mom of 6, I know what it is to live with clutter.

I got married in 1995, started a family right away. I didn't know how to maintain a home and I was overwhelmed with the responsibility of raising children.

No one would have guessed- I presented myself as a put-together, creative super-mom.

But when I walked in my door, reality slapped me in the face.

I was depressed, ashamed, and hopeless.

I had tried decluttering for years. I decluttered all the time. But nothing ever made a difference.

In 2008 I finally decided to embrace minimalism.

It was FOUR YEARS before I saw the change.

It was after I finally embraced a SYSTEM.

  1. Daily maintenance
  2. Weekly maintenance
  3. ONLY keep essential items

I struggled and had to learn by trial and error. Now I'm on a mission to help others learn a system... and FIND THAT FREEDOM.

One 10-minute mission at a time.



This can be the beginning that changes everything for you.

Your investment options:

*** PLEASE NOTE: ***

Once you purchase, you will get an email with the first PDF and you will receive a PDF each week until you cancel your membership.

So what's included?

Weekly PDFs

Each week you will receive a new PDF with six 10-minute missions to complete. PDF printable comes with a brief overview of missions as well as questions to help you with your decisions.

10% Discount Code

If you would like to dig deeper and go further with your decluttering, your monthly membership includes a 10% off discount code for featured products.


Sign up in November 2021 and:


Get a FREE PDF download: The Clutter-Free Gift Guide



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Joining the Clutter-Free Army You Will:

  • Address all the main areas of your home, transforming them from clutter-catch-alls to clear surfaces.
  • Transform a new area, every week with easy 10-minute missions.
  • Follow a plan, do the work, and discover the ease of living with less.
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How this is going to work:

  • As soon as you register you will receive your first PDF with six 10-minute missions.
  • Each week you will receive a new PDF to work through.
  • Be prepared to work 10 minutes on each task.