11 Video Home Tours That Show What it’s Like to Live as a Minimalist Family

When I first started with minimalism, I desperately wanted to see what a minimalist family home looked like. We all have stuff – toiletries, toys, games, crafts, kitchen equipment… how do you reduce that and still live comfortably??

My mind couldn’t envision it, and I wanted to see what other people did.

When I started pursuing minimalism in 2008, I couldn’t find home tours. But now, there are so many awesome YouTubers that have filled that gap!

And I wanted to share with you some of the best and most realistic minimalist family homes.

Family of four:

You can find Bayley at Bayley Made it

Family of four:

You can find Marissa at A to Zen Life

Family of six (soon to be seven):

You can find Marissa at Marissa Wendt

Family of three:

You can find Becky at Minimal Ease

Family of five:

You can find Seleena at Seleena Ott

Family of five (3 teenagers):

You can find Ashlynn at Essence Tiny & Purposeful

Family of nine:

You can find Morgan at Morgan Munday

Family of five:

You can find Shannon at Shannon Torrens

Family of seven:

You can find Angela at Arrow Hill Cottage

Family of six:

You can find Dawn at The Minimal Mom

Family of six:

You can find Sarah at Sarah | Small Changes

Thanks for joining me for these amazing home tours! We are so fortunate to get to peek inside their home and see what life is like when you have less.

I personally love the “realistic” tours! Just because you’re minimalist doesn’t mean your home is perfect all the time – it gets lived in. But it does mean that the mess isn’t overwhelming, and it’s easier to tidy up.

Just because you're minimalist doesn't mean your home is perfect all the time - it gets lived in.

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