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Archive for January 2015

5 Minute Chocolate Mousse

There are times in my cooking adventures when a recipe calls for just the egg yolk, and we’re left with egg whites that we don’t want to throw away, but what do we do with them? I’m pleased to share with you what do with these little blessings! Enter chocolate mousse. That’s right- this once intimidating and…

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The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up

  I just finished reading this wonderful little book and am so excited about it, I wanted to share! The life-changing magic of tidying up, was really an encouragement to me. Marie Kondo found an interest in cleaning and organizing from the time she was very young. She went on to start her own consulting business,…

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10 Minimalism and Decluttering Blogs

When I started on my minimalism journey, I got a lot of inspiration from from reading about the journey of others through blogs and there was never enough for me! Blogs on minimalism and decluttering seemed few and far between. Since then, I’ve been on a bit of a blog hunt. 🙂 So, here are…

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10 Family Fun Ideas For Valentine's Day

I love Valentine’s day! In my mind Valentine’s Day isn’t about gifts, though I do love getting flowers and chocolates, for me, Valentine’s has always been about specialness. I don’t want to do “typical” things on Valentine’s Day, fighting the crowds, making reservations weeks (or months!) in advance, so we try to get creative with how we…

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Commit To A Year Of Less.

  A new year is upon us. I love new years and new beginnings. I’m sort of a nerd like that. I just always feel like I get a fresh start. What happened last year is in the past and this is a new year to do new things! Are you ready to commit to…

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