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Archive for May 2015

The Clutter-Depression-Anxiety Cycle: How to Stop It

Want to read this article, completely ad-free? It’s in my e-book: The Clutter-Depression-Anxiety Cycle: How to Stop It. The E-book includes morning and evening reset checklists to help you get on top of everyday tasks. Click here to get the PDF for $4.97   Just recently I shared my personal journey from clutter and depression…

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Summer and Winter Capsule Wardrobes

  I recently worked through Project 333 and created a capsule wardrobe. As promised in my previous post about creating a capsule wardrobe, here are my seasonal lists. When it came to creating my list… we live in Montana. We pretty much have 2 seasons: “Cold”, which is generally between 20° and 30° with about a week…

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Creating A Capsule Wardrobe

  Last week I purchased Courtney Carver’s Project 333 Capsule Wardrobe Course. Yes, I have a minimal amount of clothing, but it’s not exactly “capsule” and I get a fair amount of capsule wardrobe questions, so I figured I’d better learn how to put one together! The idea is pretty simple: 3 months of clothes (which…

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Do You Choose Unhappiness Over Uncertainty?

The other night my husband turned on the TV and Fools Rush In happened to be on. We ended up watching it and I found it interesting, at the end, when Matthew Perry’s character seemed floundering, and a crazy old priest said “Signs are everywhere”… and then, there were signs. Whenever it seems that God…

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Do Minimalists Keep Hand-me-downs?

I get asked this question a lot: “I have children growing out of clothes, I know the next child will need these clothes, but should I keep them for ___ years?” Well, that depends. If you are a die-hard minimalist and there is nothing in the children’s closet (or at least nothing on the top…

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How I Got My Husband On Board With Minimalism

Just for a change of pace, I asked my husband to answer a few questions about our journey to minimalism. I was the one who started the decluttering, and though he was supportive, it was about 5 years before he started decluttering on his own and taking a minimalist view on life. Change doesn’t happen overnight,…

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