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Archive for June 2015

How Minimalism Can Benefit Those With Sensory Issues And Special Needs

Disclaimer: I have only a little personal experience with special needs and sensory processing disorder, what is written here is wisdom gleaned from friends who were gracious enough to share with me. We all are greatly affected by our surroundings and minimalism to any degree can benefit our mental and emotional health. With a growing recognition of autism and sensory issues, there…

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How To Balance Minimalism And A Hobby

  Hobbies can certainly take a lot of space and for those who are striving for a minimalist lifestyle, which gives more freedom with schedules and time, hobbies that require a lot of stuff seem counter productive. Most hobbies can be fairly minimal. If we stay with the basics, which, is typically what we start…

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How Minimalist Traveling Can Mean A Relaxing Holiday

  Summer is here for us and we have a few trips planned out. Traveling used to be overwhelming and exhausting for me, but now that we’ve edited down so much of our material possessions, trips are significantly easier. Vacation for many families means parents are exhausted, children are cranky and everyone is looking forward…

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Because Minimalists Aren't Just Trying To Prove A Point

  I just finished reading this post about Celebrating The Art Of Clutter and it got me to thinking. Minimalism tends to get viewed as shaming. The collectors are feeling shamed when someone they know is getting rid of all their collections. But here’s the deal: We’re not judging.   Minimalism isn’t embraced because of…

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Cluttered Fridge, Cluttered Home?

I finally got my hands on an interesting book and have been pouring over it the last week, seeing what insight I can glean from the pages. Life at Home in The Twenty-First Century, studies 32 families and their stuff. From an anthropologist, social scientist, and archaeological perspective, which is really fascinating.  One thing that I found particularly interesting…

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