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Archive for September 2015

Easy Ways To Start Living A Healthy Lifestyle

  One of the biggest beliefs is that living healthy takes a lot of time and money. Thankfully, it doesn’t. But it does take a shift in thoughts and habits. The older I get the more I think about what type of shape I’m in. I’m getting close to 40 (only a year left!) and you…

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5 Ways To Maintain A Minimal Yard

Minimal landscaping is going to mean different things for different people. For some, it means rocks instead of yard, for others it may mean no-mow grass without shrubs or gardens and for others, it might be an entire lawn covered with native drought-resistant plants. There are pros and cons to all, but if you’re looking…

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How To Create Free Time

  “Oh, if I only had the time for that…” Have you said it? I know I have. I have wished there were more hours in the day. There just never seemed like enough time to do all that I wanted to accomplish. Minimalism frees up time in a variety of ways. You’re not spending…

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Minimalist Dining Room Tour

Our living room and dining room all are “open concept”, so it is one large room. Yesterday I posted a tour of our living room, so today I’m giving the rest of the room tour. In the dining room sits a “Library Table” that my maternal grandfather made. It’s a solid slab of redwood and…

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Minimalist Living Room Tour

Many times over the last year, after readers have browsed our kitchen tour, I’ve been asked to post other areas of our home. Because our home is small (1132 sq. ft.) it can be challenging to really capture the essence of it, but this morning I decided to buckle down and give it my best shot.…

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Alleviate The Shame of Clutter

If you are struggling with clutter, than you are probably very familiar with the shame that shows up each time you try to deal with that clutter. We’re very good at being cruel to ourselves, even when we would never dream of being cruel to someone else. How many times have you encouraged a friend with…

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