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Archive for October 2015

Inspiration To: Declutter The Toys

  Getting rid of the toys has a draw to many in the minimalist movement. Many parents are finding that the toy situation is overwhelming to them as well as to their children. I loved how Denaye walks through each step of creating a wonderful play space for her son that fosters imagination. And you know…

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Practical Tips To Organizing Children’s Rooms

  When you are organizing a child’s room, the more streamlined it is, the more likely kids are to follow through with keeping it clean and organized. After you declutter the toys, figure out the general path the kids take through their rooms, so you know where to place different organizational tools. Hooks, hooks, everywhere!…

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Free Printable: 5 Minute Decluttering Tasks

  Throughout the day we all have little bits of time- 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there. It never seems like enough time to complete an entire project- especially when we feel overrun with clutter. But every 5 minutes of diligent work brings you that much closer to a more clutter-free home. To become clutter-free, it’s…

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Non-Candy Trick-or-Treat Options

As we approach Halloween this topic is coming up more and more. Many parents are looking for alternatives; some for the Teal Pumpkin Project (offering alternatives, for children who have food allergies), and some are just tired of the unhealthy excess of refined sweeteners and food dyes. As an environmentalist, I am bothered by the amount of plastic…

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Weekend Inspiration: Simple Living Articles

  How to Design a Simple Life “You don’t need to minimize yourself right out of a life. Design the life you want to live, no more and no less.” Melissa Wilken’s walks us through asking the right questions about the type of life we want to live; not just looking at physical possessions, but every aspect…

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