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Archive for December 2015

2016 in 2016 Decluttering Challenge

8 years ago, I came across a challenge and I’ve continued it every year since. Why? Well… I love charts. It keeps me accountable with how much is coming into my home and how much is going out. We have 7 people living in this house currently and things come in frequently. To maintain the atmosphere…

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Jumpstart Your Decluttering

So, you want a clutter-free home? A joyful space? I’ve been there: I’ve sat on my couch completely unhappy with what surrounded me: piles on every surface, mountains of laundry, toys strewn across the floor and dirty dishes in the sink. Most of the items, I didn’t know what to do with. But I found…

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Top Posts From Nourishing Minimalism in 2015

2015 brought so much growth from this blog-  so many more readers, Facebook fans and Instagram followers. It’s been so rewarding to read comments and letters of people who have found encouragement through this blog, it’s exciting to be part of this growing community of people who are seeking to live more purposeful lives. Thank…

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Children's Toys That Promote Creative Thinking

A couple years ago, I got rid of the majority of the kid’s toys and we’ve never regretted it. Since then, in order to limit the chaos that toys tend to create, I’ve been able to limit our collection to toys that really promote creative thinking. The less an object does, the more versatile it is…

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Clutter-Free Stocking Stuffers

Clutter-Free Gift Guide – This gift guide is a compilation of all the gift-lists published on the blog, from toddlers to grandparents and everyone in between. Clutter-free and toy-free ideas. Click here to get this 33-page PDF for $7. If you celebrate the holidays with gifts in the stocking, you know that many of the…

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