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Archive for May 2017

How-to: Declutter the Decor

  Decor can be confusing when one plans to declutter. Most want something on the wall, but should it be a grouping? Should there be something on each wall? What goes together? When I was growing up, my mom sold Home Interiors¬†(a network marketing company) and the entire business model was to simplify the process…

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Home Organization for the Minimalist

  So you’ve gotten rid of more than 1/2 of your possessions and thought the house would just fall into place, but it hasn’t. How do minimalists organize their stuff? This should be an easy task right? First off, maybe you need to get rid of more. This is going to vary for everyone, but…

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I Used to be Lazy, But Now I LOVE Housework

Thinking back to my first years as a young wife and mother… I remember talking to friends and the phrase would often come up “I’m bored… I can only clean so much.” ¬†” Yes!” I would adamantly agree. I didn’t enjoy cleaning in the least, I would do the dishes when I had to… like…

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Large-Family Minimalism

  When you have a lot of children, there is simply a lot to manage. The grocery list is a mile long; every meal is an event. The schedule can become a frenzied rush to get from here to there in one piece if you’re not careful. And the laundry piles can be epic! Am…

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