11 Surprising Reasons Your House Still Isn’t Clean

11 Surprising Reasons Your House Still Isn't Clean

Have you decided the answer to your organizational woes is to become a minimalist? You’ve been getting rid of items by the hundreds. Filling out your beautiful chart, proudly coloring in box after box, and your house still isn’t clean and organized. Maybe you even already know that routines are the key to keeping your…

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Practical Minimalism: Being a Minimalist with a Family

If you close your eyes and visualize “minimalism,” what do you see? An empty home with stark, white walls? A platform bed on the floor, or perhaps just a mattress? Maybe one white blanket and one pillow? A teeny, tiny home with little or no decor? Someone traveling across the country with a handful of…

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Own Fewer Clothes and Feel Amazing

Fast fashion is here and people have closets bursting with clothes they don’t wear, and often have never worn. One article I read recently talked about stores that make you feel out-of-date with your wardrobe within 2 weeks of purchasing the items. 2 weeks!! How much time do you spend in the closet trying to…

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