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Archive for October 2017

Lessons Learned From Being a Minimalist

Becoming a minimalist is embracing more meaningful living Letting the majority of your possessions go means you have to make difficult choices on what you feel should be allowed space in your life and in your home. Getting rid of the excess reveals the things that matter to you; the process reveals who you are…

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Simplify the Holidays

  Why are some people able to smile, anticipating the holidays with joy in their hearts, while others are facing them with tight chests and anxious minds? Why are some people able to get their shopping done, presents wrapped and cards sent by Dec. 1, while others are staying up past midnight on Christmas Eve…

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13 Practical Ways to Simplify Your Family’s Day

This is a guest post by Zoë Kim, a fellow minimalist, mother of 4 and author of Raising Simple Simplifying your family’s day can feel like an uphill climb during a hurricane at times. It requires intentional effort to set new boundaries, mindsets, and habits. Every day we are pulled in new directions and given new…

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