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Archive for September 2019

3 Ways Minimalism has Transformed my Life

Minimalism can impact our lives on so many levels. It’s more than the visual appeal, it impacts our relationships and how we handle things emotionally. Minimalism has brought many positive changes into my life, here are just three of them.  #1. Emotionally Before minimalism, I was depressed, stressed out, overwhelmed, every negative emotion a person could…

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The Key to Free-time is in the Little Steps

Discipline equals freedom I teach routines. I’m sure you all know it. I hear myself saying over and over that to thrive in your home, create morning and evening routines, and a weekly cleaning routine. The point is to build that into your life, so it’s done at a regular basis and not waiting all week, and…

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Menu Planning at its Easiest

We all have been told that menu planning is important- here again, perfectionism can rear its ugly head. We feel like we must have a beautiful printout, or maybe a chalkboard wall in our trendy kitchen. And the list needs to be full of mouth-watering 3-course meals.

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