4 simple steps to help you live more intentionally

4 exercises to help you live with intention

My purpose for embracing minimalism was to live with intention, and I thought that once I got rid of all the excess, I simply would live with intention. If I close my eyes and think about what I imagined “living with intention” to be, I pictured a mom baking bread with her perfectly behaved children…

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Your belongings should help you live in the present

Many times we make decisions on what to keep based on the past or the future, without considering too much the effect our things have on our present life. As you work through your decluttering, consider your present situation and what the items do for us right now. There are those of us who live…

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How to Declutter and Organize the Garage

The garage… it tends to be the dumping ground of all the things we don’t actually want to deal with. Whether that’s things we need to rehome, items that need to be taken to the dump, or decisions that we just don’t want to make, so we set them aside and hope the old adage…

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