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Archive for April 2015

Minimalist Wedding Ideas

Even before I claimed the title “minimalist” I sought to have a minimalist wedding. Why? Mainly because I didn’t want the stress of a big production. Planning a big event is exhausting and I wanted to enjoy myself, not try to remember a million different things. Besides that, we didn’t want to enter into our…

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Easy Homemade Pizza

Having a family pizza night is one tradition that I really enjoy. We’ll all work in the kitchen- rolling the dough, stabbing it with a fork, grating the cheese, spreading the sauce, placing the toppings. We can all visit while we work and all enjoy our hard work afterwards. To make myself feel better of…

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How Children Can Benefit From Simple Living

The main reason I became a minimalist was to live in the moment. To be present with my family and friends. Too many times I would be with my family, but my mind would be elsewhere. Often on the cluttery surfaces surrounding us, the kitchen that needed serious work, the unfinished craft projects and all those…

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