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Archive for November 2016

Christmas Gifts For The Crunchy Mom In Your Life

  I have some lovely people in my life that I am planning to gift to this Christmas, and most of them, like me, are on the crunchy (natural) side. While I’ve been thinking through what they would enjoy I figured I would share the cool crunchy gifts I’ve discovered. Crunchy Mom Gift Ideas: Essential Oils. This…

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7 Ways to Simplify the Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving has always been my mom’s favorite holiday. The focus is always on people and appreciation, rather than heavily commercialized and being bombarded with idealized expectations. I can totally get on board with that myself! I love turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy. Give me that along with friends and family to share it with, and it’s…

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Unplugged Gifts For Teens (and Adults!)

My older boys (men! yikes!) are 18, 19 and 20… and planning out our Christmas gifts has got me thinking on what to get them and what they will enjoy, that won’t require them sitting and staring at a screen. When you’re thinking through gift-giving, the best thing to do is spend some time thinking about the person and their interests. For…

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