Christmas Gifts For The Crunchy Mom In Your Life

I have some lovely people in my life that I am planning to gift to this Christmas, and most of them, like me, are on the crunchy (natural) side. While I’ve been thinking through what they would enjoy I figured I would share the cool crunchy gifts I’ve discovered.

Crunchy Mom Gift Ideas:

Essential Oils. This is an incredible gift, so versatile and helpful. I recommend going through a friend who is connected to a reputable company and avoid the cheaper oils found in stores. It’s hard to know which brands have a best quality unless one does some extensive research, but the typical network marketing companies have higher standards (otherwise they would go out of business in a hurry!), so I’ve found their quality to surpass all store brands. Added benefits: support a home-business of a friend and get great recommendations of what people want and use.

Himalayan Salt Lamps are so calming and pleasant to have in the home. “The lit salt crystal clears the air naturally of allergens like smoke, pet dander, pollens, and other air pollutants. It dilutes odors so that one can breathe easier.” <source> I stand by salt lamps, because they have kept away odor in my kids room… yes, even with 3 teenage boys in one room! Miracles, I tell ya!

Beeswax Candles are also wonderful for the home and work very similar to the salt lamps. Heavily scented products are some of the most toxic things on the market, so getting one made from 100% beeswax and unscented is very thoughtful. You can find one is eco-friendly with less waste and one can easily get refills.
Jewelry. Many crunchy moms steer clear of a ton of bling, but are often drawn like magnets to beautiful organic styles of Baltic Amber jewelry. When worn on the skin, it is said that trace amounts of succinic acid from the amber are absorbed into the body, benefiting it in many ways. <source> I’ve seen the difference in my little ones when they’ve worn the necklaces through teething. My favorite source is Inspired By Finn, I trust their quality and have been very pleased with all the necklaces I’ve gotten from them. This Christmas I got myself a purple one that is supposed to help focus, I can’t wait to get it! (And yes, I bought myself a Christmas present. Maybe I’ll put it in my stocking, so mine won’t be the only empty stocking again.)
Food. Because, well, food. Whether the person you are gifting to eats-to-live or lives-to-eat, food is a great gift. For most, it’s nice to avoid some shopping and prepping and for the foodie, well, we just love food.

  • Natural and Organic Meal Delivery services are popping up all over and depending on the area, it can be very easy to find a local company that will be happy to deliver a box of deliciousness to that lovely crunchy mom in your life.
  • Simplifying life with menu plans has gotten easier too! The folk’s over at Real Plans have made it a wonderful experience to give as well as receive custom menu plans that fit every family’s eating style.
  • Coffee, Wine and Chocolates are always a good option as well.

Coloring books are a big hit these days and have been so much fun! Many of us moms enjoy coloring with our kids, but don’t really want to color Barbie and Superheros. (I for one, don’t want my kids telling me I colored his cape wrong… because that is exactly what my children do. “Mom, that guy is red and gold, not purple and blue…” would be said with exaggerated patience.) Anyway, there are super cute farm-to-table, crunchy mom and beautiful birth coloring books. I like pencils and a case to go with it.
Homemade Gifts are also wonderful gifts to receive. From lip balms and lotions to homemade treats like fudge, brittle and cookies, or jars of special seasonings, one can really never go wrong with something homemade. Click here for more ideas.

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