2020 in 2020 Decluttering Challenge

So, you’ve been thinking of simplifying and need some motivation to make serious changes this year, right?
Here’s my challenge to you: Get rid of 2,020 items in 2020.
Back in 2008, I was overwhelmed, and my emotional state was controlled by the cluttery-chaos that ruled my life.
There was stuff everywhere.
So I started a challenge: to get rid of 2008 things in 2008. Keeping track and seeing the chart fill up kept me motivated to continue to get rid of things. I did it the following year and the year after. By 2012 I started this blog and shared the challenge with others.
Now, we have an incredible Facebook group of 34,634 members (growing every day!) who’ve decided that they want to create a home they love. And that starts with getting rid of all the excess!
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Rid your home of 2,020 items in the year 2020.


  • Each time you get rid of an item, put an “X” on a square (or black it out, depending on who’s helping check the boxes!!)
  • The rules are your own: If you have a stack of magazines to get rid of, you may
    • count it as one item or
    • you can count each one as an item.
    • You may even guess the number! The point is to see progress as you eliminate.
  • Keep the chart on the front of the refrigerator or a cupboard where you can watch your progress and keep motivated.
  • If you have children, get them involved! Let them mark the boxes. Use different colors for different family members so they can see how much they contributed!
  • Plan out a celebration after each 100, 500, or 1000 is reached (you’ll need to decide how much you have to get rid of, and how rewards motivate you).
  • Then, join the community on Facebook for motivation and encouragement!


  • If you are getting rid of an item that you know you need to, but have been avoiding for whatever reason. Count it as a more substantial number: 25, 50, 100, depending on how much emotional relief you feel when it’s finally gone.
  • When decluttering your home, set aside the sentimental items to be sorted last. They are emotionally charged and take much more effort to get rid of, thus giving you a sense of “decision fatigue” and limiting what you accomplish in the areas of your home you need to simplify most.
  • Have a designated place to put all the sentimental items; this can be there “holding facility” until you are ready to devote some time to those emotional decisions.
  • Focus on one room until it’s complete. The tendency is to run from room to room, grabbing up things to declutter, but if you want to see actual change in your home, pick one area and sort every shelf, drawer, closet, and category before moving to a different room.
  • Ask the right question. Don’t ask, “What do I want to get rid of?” instead, pull everything in the category out and ask yourself, “What do I love/use/enjoy enough to keep?”
  • Start with a plan. It’s easy to be gung-ho at first and jump in with both feet, but having a clear idea of attack means you will be so much more successful. For example, this might be writing down categories in each room and working on one room a month, or it might be following a workbook or joining a group coaching course where you have accountability and constant motivation. Pick the one you know you will stick with and follow it through.

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About Rachel Jones

Hi there! I’m Rachel Jones, and I founded Nourishing Minimalism in 2012 at the beginning of my minimalist journey. If you're looking for encouragement in your journey, I created a FREE Facebook Group - feel free to join me there: Nourishing Minimalism Facebook Group and I share videos each week on YouTube


  1. S on 12/28/2019 at 2:40 pm

    Such a great idea! I like that you included the printable – thanks! – and the funny reward examples in the video.

  2. Dawn on 01/02/2020 at 7:48 pm

    This is the 3rd year in a row I have done this challenge and it is very motivating for me (I started mid way through 2018). However, this is the first year I am starting the challenge at the beginning of the year (versus the middle of the year), so I am excited with my progress!
    I am seeing changes (spaces) around my house and am looking forward to getting rid of 2020 items:)

    • Rachel Jones on 01/04/2020 at 2:59 am

      That’s awesome Dawn!

  3. Minimalismus - Michael Brig on 04/20/2020 at 1:20 pm

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  4. Marina on 04/22/2020 at 12:12 pm

    I’ve lost track of the years I’ve been doing this challenge. I think from the very first one you published. Which year was it? 2015? Not always able to complete the chart but very enthusiastic about it anyway. Stay safe!

  5. Marjorie on 05/26/2020 at 12:52 pm

    I’m taking a coaching Decluttering course and this idea and group will definitely be of great help. I also hope to share what I learn on my way …

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