Chocolate Dipped or Painted Apricots

Chocolate Dipped or Painted Apricots
I love having “food crafts” for my kids to work on. Having the kids help with preparing food is great on so many levels!

  • Gets them in the kitchen so they’re comfortable with “cooking”
  • Builds wonderful memories
  • Fills the creativity need
  • Gives them something to work on
  • Helps them enjoy giving to others (we always make treats to share)

These treats are super easy. Just give the kids instructions, and let them have fun. Don’t stress about the mess or the way the faces look. It’s difficult to get these to look perfect and children need the freedom to be creative without expectations. Halloween is a time for creepiness, right? Messed up faces can look pretty creepy!

Chocolate Dipped or Painted Apricots

Ingredients:Painting Dried Apricots with Chocolate
1/4 cup chocolate chips
1/4 teaspoon coconut oil
2 cups dried apricots
unused paint brushes
Melt coconut oil on low in the bottom of a saucepan. Add chocolate chips and stir constantly until melted. This is typically under a minute. Set the pan on a hot pad and place apricots in a bowl so everything is easy to reach. Cover the counter with parchment paper and give the kids new paintbrushes. Let the creativity flow. 🙂
Chocolate Painted Halloween Apricots
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